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Drifting Games

There are many places you can go online to play web games. Depending on the kind of game you’re looking for, there can be a seemingly endless number of websites for you to peruse. visit here for Drifting Games

If your interests veer towards the 4-wheeled motorized kind, then your one-stop shop is Drifted.com. This website has a carefully curated collection of web games that all involve vehicles somehow. (Fluticasone)  

Each of the games available is awesome in its own right, and they are also split into several different categories. So, of course, if you’re a fan of drifting, Drifted has you covered. After all, it’s in the name! 

Drifted’s Drifting Games category is full of incredible games, but what follows is a small sampling of what is available. If any of these sound cool to you, you should head over and try them out!

Combat Drifting

Do you know what’s more fun than drifting? Drifting with the intent to smash into another car. There are a few combat drifting games that deliver on this fantasy. One of them is Maximum Derby Crash Online. 

This game has awesome graphics, a huge map, and realistic damage models as the cars get progressively more banged up. If you want to take your skills online, you can go up against other live players in destruction derby competitions. 

Clashed Metal Drifting Wars is another combat drifting game, but this one goes a little bit over the top. Instead of hitting the gas and ramming into another car, you’ll have guns and rockets strapped to your vehicle that you can use to obliterate your opponents. 

If that sounds fun, that’s because it absolutely is, and it also has some of the cleanest drifting on the website.

Police Drifting

There is no shortage of police-based drifting games, but this list will only mention a few of them. The first is called Police Pursuit 2. This game is an open-world drifter where you’ll drive a police car and hunt down criminal vehicles. Visit here

Using your sick drifting skills, you will catch up to them and immobilize them, earning points. World Cars & Cops Simulator is an open-world driving simulator. You can unlock several upgradeable cars as you build up your points by drifting around the city and avoiding getting caught by the cops. 

Police Car Chase is another police drifting game, and this one is a top-down experience. You’ll slide and drift circles around the cops to gain points until you slip up and they catch you. Hold out as long as you can for big points!

Port Drifting

Ports seem to be a popular location for drifting games, and I can see why. Cargo containers provide a pretty interesting obstacle to avoid. Burnout Drift 3: Seaport Max is one such game. It has high-quality graphics and textures and tight drifting physics that are easy to learn. 

Drift Runner 3D: Port is another one, and this one has you trying to beat the high score by pulling off the best drifts around an interesting port map.


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