Earn Cash for Selling Your Old Mobile Phones Correctly


We often stack our old devices like old mobile phones and other electronic devices in the drawer. But what if you can make a great amount out of it? In short, you can earn some extra cash online by selling these old devices. Doesn’t it sound great? 

There are so many online opportunities out there that make this task very easy and make you able to get a good amount just by selling your old devices while sitting at home. 

Your old smartphones and devices sitting in the drawer are costing you money, the more you delay in selling your old devices like mobile phones the more the value of it depreciates. So why not sell these ideal items as soon as possible and earn big money just sitting at home? 

So, let’s talk in detail about how you can do it. 

Why Should You Sell Your Old Mobile Phones While Sitting at Home? 

You can’t keep using your old phone because technology is rapidly changing nowadays. Smartphones are launched approximately every month by each brand. The phone you have will become outdated in a matter of days and weeks so upgrading is a must with time. 

With time an upgrade is necessary in terms of technology especially when your old smartphone becomes old and out of warranty. A minor defect in the mobile phone can cost you about 85% of the cost that you paid at the time of purchasing your smartphone. So it’s the best idea to change your smartphone with time if your smartphone is out of manufacturing warranty. 

Selling your old mobile and buying a new one using the resale money of the old one is the obvious choice for most of us. And, why not? The cost of new smartphones nowadays is very high, so it is the best idea to use the money which would get by selling old phones to purchase a new one. Especially, when online apps and online opportunities offer great value for money for your old smartphone, even better than most offline stores then it’s good to go for online ways.  

Now if you’re still in a dilemma, here we’ve mentioned some major reasons why you must sell old mobile phone online while sitting at home. Scroll down and have a look 

  • Save your old mobile phones from depreciating 

Every year a lot of money is wasted due to unused tech. New technologies arriving in the smartphone world such as the highest clear display, better processors, more data storage, Faster storage modules, UltraFast charging, and 5G. All these upgrades are lucrative for us to upgrade our smartphones to experience these new technologies

You buy a new smartphone in the Festive Sales from e-commerce websites or offline stores as you got the best deal for a smartphone. This makes a permanent stay of your old smartphone in your drawer and you forget about it after getting a new one and never use that old one. So, it’s better to sell the old mobile phone. 

You should sell this old smartphone to get some cash out of it because this smartphone sitting in your drawer is a waste. 

So, chances are there that the more you delay, the less value you’ll get for your device as the value of the device depreciates over time. That’s the reason you must sell your old mobile as soon as they pop up with any issues. Else, you never know you may not be able to find a buyer anymore and the value of that smartphone will become almost trivial. 

With online platforms, you can sell your old smartphone which are even 3-4 years old, and that shall provide the best value for these old smartphones. 

  • Make some extra cash sitting at home 

Isn’t it good to earn some extra cash against the devices that you don’t need any more as now you have a phone with the latest technology? Of course, it’s good, rather the best. In addition, selling your product online on websites like cash mart is the easiest way to make money sitting at home. 

In addition, you can invest that money in purchasing your new and updated device. 

Also selling your old smartphone can lower the cost of your new smartphone significantly. For example, if you want to upgrade to the latest OnePlus smartphone. Selling your old mobile phone on platforms like CashMartIndia you can buy your OnePlus at almost half of the discount. 

  • New is always better 

Yes, that’s right. Especially when it comes to technology, having the new phone is always preferable because somewhere the old one is always outdated in terms of technology and other aspects. Smartphones, especially average-range android smartphones tend to slow down after a couple of months of use. 

We start observing issues such as screen freezes, storage issues, poor battery life, and many more. Also, most manufacturing companies stop providing software updates to old devices and thus these devices stop receiving monthly security upgrades and are more susceptible to cyber attacks. 

Selling your smartphone as soon as they start to pop-up issues is the best idea to claim the most resale value. Always remember that a functioning device still has some resale value than a dead device. So you must sell your old one before it becomes dead completely to have at least a good resale value.


Factors on Which Your Phone Pricing Depends 


Selling in the correct way makes you earn better. Several factors are responsible to decide the resale value, which include several aspects. Read them below! 

  • Years of Usage 

The first and foremost factor is how old your device is. Nobody wants to buy an old and outdated smartphone. So, it’s always a good idea to sell old phones before they become obsolete. Generally, second-hand device rates can be predicted in the first year of the purchase that the value would be halved. Also, you probably won’t sell the phone for more than 20k next year if you bought a phone worth 40k at present. Though, this does not as a matter of course applies to all phones and brands. It may vary from phone to brand. 

  • Damage 

The damage is divided into many small or large factors that can be aesthetic and functional. Nevertheless, minor issues with the phone such as small marks on the screen and light paint or even small dents do not always make a big difference in resale value. You can give them a good repair and can sell it. But don’t expect very high resale value in case your smartphone has lots of dents and screen cracks or something big issues with the phone. 

  • Physical Factors 

Physical factors include any defective phone part, for example, a non-working SD card slot, faulty battery charging jack, and faulty volume buttons. Non-working battery or swollen battery is a concern as well. A phone with a battery life below average can not be expected to have much resale value. 

Many of these factors affect the phone’s resale value. Any defect will drive the resale price of a phone down by several marks. 


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