Top strategies to win an eSport Championship for Street Fighter I and II

eSport Championship

Who doesn’t know how to fight in a game? However, eSports have changed the face of these games. Games like Street Fighter are not simply about combat anymore. Today, Street Fighter international eSports championships witness fighting skills and tactics which only a professional can pull off. For the most part, many players from different corners of the world drop in the battlefield of Street Fight with a single motive, i.e.., combat with M.Bison, an evil dictator, and free the city from his wickedness. Only one out of the total eight players gets a chance for the final combat. Sounds thrilling? Let’s take a glance at how you can professionally play this game:

#1: Think before you jump

As the Street Fighter game pattern suggests, the player has the freedom to jump high or low based on the surrounding and upcoming troubles. However, do you know? With time, Street Fighter players build a habit of jumping habitually without considering what the other player is up to! But, that is definitely not a habit that will work in your favor. What to do? Well! Our suggestion is that you observe what your opposing player is up to before you jump. For example, if the opposing player is poking you, then jumping wouldn’t help. Instead, simply block and roll. 

More often than not, even the best street fighter players avoid jumping forward because if you lose, you will get punished. But, taking risks is crucial. Henceforth, we suggest that you only jump forward when the opposing player is not expecting it at all. 

#2: Remember, in the beginning, even Punk died

When it comes to Street Fighter, it is very challenging for a player to survive in the beginning. The reason behind this is that players who have been playing this game know exactly how to kill! They have all the big and small killing techniques. Henceforth, when they enter the game, they remain 100% prepared to kill. You, as a beginner, on the other hand, may not have all the best tricks to kill. Before you even think, you will end up dead in the game. So, do not take it out on your gaming skills. Instead, remember, the biggest street fighter player, Punk, also died in the game at some point. 

#3: Don’t lose your game over “specials.” 

To begin with, it will take enough time for you to get a hold of surviving in the game. With persistent practice and skills, you will get to a point where you will familiarize yourself with all normal weapons and items in your inventory. Next thing you know, you have some “special” weapons that can literally damage the other player and take you one step ahead. Now, at this point of the game, you wouldn’t care much for normal weapons. However, we suggest that you lose this mindset. 

Instead, try to beat your best of the best enemy with normal weapons. This will help you obtain power over those who rely on special weapons to fight off players. If you have “specials” in your inventory, use them when you desperately need to survive in the game. 

#4: Always “Defend” yourself

Believe it or not, but this streetfighter eSport tactic can help you win a common daytime game to the championship. As a player of this heavy fighting game, every player’s first and only instinct is to FIGHT. Each and every player has a mindset that all they need to do is kill and move on. However, this mindset as a player can be toxic. Because, what if the opposing player is a better fighter than you. Then what? 

So, here we suggest that instead of mastering the art of fighting in Street Fighter eSports, you instead master the art of “defending.” 

#5: Block, Block, and Block again!

In street fighter eSport, the pleasure that comes with blocking the opposite player is endless. For the most part, you can use the “block, block, and block again” strategy each time you think you are indecisive. By blocking the other player, he will not be able to move ahead. As a result, you will have extra seconds in your hands to plan your next move and previsualize their consequences. Of course, this strategy is not best for the championship. However, it can help you get there for sure. 

Want to know more about Street Fighter eSports Games? Drop your questions in the section below and talk to experts online. Thank you!


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