Evaluating eSports Matches before Actual Betting

Evaluating eSports

When it comes to evaluating eSports betting, a messy event schedule and other variables cause some difficulties for bettors. This is why bettors have to analyse everything properly before taking any action. By examining the strengths, weaknesses, and recent results of the teams involved, bettors can learn how to go about it.

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Choosing the Time to Bet and the Market to Use

Before placing any bet, it’s crucial to develop an overall betting strategy. Are you actually interested in a profit? Or are you more into fun? Make this clear to yourself. You know that eSports betting is related to money. Consequently, you should take things seriously not to lose everything at once.

Figuring out which approach to choose is crucial at the initial betting stage. It will determine your further actions. Although that might seem like a simple bet, it might let you make serious gains. But don’t rush with the betting decisions. Take some time to research and analyse everything properly.

Look at the Recent Performance of Teams before You Bet on Them

In eSports, the leading positions are changing very fast. Today’s winner can be tomorrow’s underdog. With this in mind, bettors should thoroughly analyse the details of an upcoming event to estimate the chances of all participants. Ideally, bettors take a closer look at each team’s performance within the last few months. How has the team performed so far? Who were its opponents? What kind of wins and losses did it demonstrate? 

If a team demonstrates some negative trends, it’s probably not a good idea to bet on it. At the same time, if a team remains on a winning streak, it might be a good option to bet on. One thing is clear – monitoring a team’s current state and future potential is critical when it comes to accurate predictions for eSports bets.

Check Out the History between the Teams You Bet on

Compared to classic sports, eSports doesn’t have the same sort of extended background. Nevertheless, you can check the records of previous matches. Did these teams meet before? Which team did win the match? Are there any interesting facts about the previous matches where the teams met?

The history between teams can’t be viewed as the only significant factor for making an accurate prediction. There are many other aspects of eSports betting to consider. 

Pay Attention to Recent eSports News

While statistics say a lot, eSports news shouldn’t be ignored either. This is where you can get some insights which shed light on the situation. For example, you may learn some background information about the team, which will change your decision to bet on it. This can be a top player’s injury or fight within the team. All this may damage the team’s winning potential.

In eSports games like Counter-Strike and Dota 2, teams usually join multiple events. Replacements often happen unexpectedly, on short notice. They have to be made without any preparations. For example, visa issues may force the team to take a substitute player. This may have a negative impact on the team’s future performance. Consequently, it will make you adjust your potential bet accordingly.

Before Actual Betting

Looking to dive into evaluating eSports betting? Make sure that you take it seriously. Otherwise, you may face some serious losses. 

With the right bookmaker, your chances of success double up automatically. You will get attractive odds and various markets to bet on. So, take a deep breath and head for your first bet.


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