Everything About Children’s PC Gaming That Parents Need to Know

PC Gaming

Children love playing video games, and parents love spending time on Cookie Casino with the amount of interaction and educational opportunities it provides. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best PC games for children under 12. 

How to Choose PC Games for Kids

When it comes to kid-friendly computer games, the first thing parents should always consider is content. Most modern PC games have colorful graphics, captivating storylines, and easy-to-understand controls, making them an ideal choice for children, especially younger ones.  

One of the most popular games for young kids is Minecraft, a sandbox game where players can build up a 3-D world by combining different blocks and objects. There are no rules or objectives that need to be completed, which makes Minecraft perfect for creative expression. Players can also build relationships with computer-controlled villagers and explore other dimensions, such as the Nether. 

Platform games, such as Super Mario Bros., are another popular choice for children under 12. In this type of game, players control a character (usually Mario) to avoid obstacles and cross levels. Mario’s movement is restricted to walking, jumping, and running, and his goal is to reach the end of the level before running out of life. 

For younger gamers, an educational game like LeapFrog Explorer can be a great choice. In this game, players need to complete learning tasks such as completing puzzles and solving problems as they explore a virtual world. This can help improve their cognitive development as they learn about different concepts such as math, science, and grammar. 

Another type of game that’s great for children is simulation gaming. These kinds of games challenge players to recreate real-life scenarios, such as running a business or raising a virtual pet. Having to take care of their animals and manage their finances encourages kids to practice decision-making and learn basic money management skills.

PC Gaming Safety for Kids

No matter the age of the child or the type of game they’re playing, safety should be parents’ top priority. To ensure kids don’t get exposed to inappropriate material, parents should use parental controls to limit what children can view or access while gaming.

In addition to carefully selecting age-appropriate games, parents should also set reasonable boundaries when it comes to game time. Kids should be encouraged to play for only one or two hours each day and take regular breaks.

Finally, it’s important to monitor children’s gameplay to ensure that they’re engaged with the game and that it’s helping them learn. Online gaming can be especially tricky. It’s best to avoid online multiplayer games, as they often attract predatory people posing as other players. There are some online games specifically designed for children which have child-proofed chat interfaces and other safeguards to prevent contact with people outside of the game.


PC games are a great way for kids to express their creativity, practice problem-solving, and get to know how the world works. That’s why it’s important for parents to carefully choose games that are both fun and educational for their kids.


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