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Gone are the days when people used pen and paper to record things or images. Be it personal or corporate spaces, digital accommodation of files and data has replaced pen and paper technology.

However, this also makes us more vulnerable to data loss. Data loss processes can result from hard drive corruption, hard drive crashes, or accidentally deleting sensitive data. This is when data recovery becomes necessary.

What Is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is the process of recovering your lost and deleted data. This process mostly involves restoring data from internal hard drives or external data storage devices. The data is most often salvaged from storage media such as internal or external hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), USB flash drives, magnetic tapes, CDs, DVDs, RAID subsystems, and other electronic devices. Recovery may be required due to physical damage to the storage devices or logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being mounted by the host operating system (OS).

As the industry moves forward with the digital approach, data recovery services will be of more epitome. Seeing how the data recovery market is flourishing, the sheer number of data recovery software might be overwhelming.

With that being said, why not take our recommendation and go for the iBoysoft data recovery software? iBoysoft is one of the leading data recovery software companies, with international clients on its list.

iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

iBoysoft data recovery software is a data recovery tool that have two editions, including Mac and Windows. The iBoysoft data recovery software has encapsulated its service in an intuitive interface. Hence, making it feasible for all user types. Even if you do not have any prior experience in handling data recovery software, you will use iBoysoft data recovery software with ease.

Why Go for iBoysoft Data Recovery Software?

  • iBoysoft data recovery software caters to a wide range of features that encapsulate every need. It allows you to recover data from the deleted trash bin, dead system, crashed hard drives, and other unforeseeable scenarios.
  • The best thing about iBoysoft data recovery software is that you can run the data recovery scan on the latest devices, such as M1 Macs and T2-equipped Mac It’s compatible with macOS 11 as well. Also, the interphase is very simple to use. You simply have to select the partition and run a quick scan.
  • iBoysoft data recovery software offers its users full-scale data recovery services. No matter how you have lost the data, no matter where you have lost the data, with iBoysoft, you can easily retrieve the lost data. iBoysoft Data Recovery software is the most advisable data recovery solution when it comes to data loss in different scenarios, be it accidental deletion, mistaken formatting, disk corruption, disappeared partition, or RAW file system. It can rescue files with a higher success rate.
  • iBoysoft comes with one of the highest data recovery success rates in the industry to recover data from all data loss situations. Using this free data recovery software to get your important files back from any disk-based storage media including computer’s internal hard disk, external hard drive, solid state drive (SSD), USB flash drive, SD card, CF card, memory card, digital camera, etc.
  • The problem with an online purchase or downloading of software is that most of them are not secure enough. This increases the chances of becoming victim to online fraudulent activity. However, with iBoysoft data recovery software, you are 100% secure. All your operations are protected by an advanced security platform.
  • iBoysoft data recovery software has been in the business for quite a while now and has catered its services to thousands of users. Its high-quality services have made it a brand and are popular among the data recovery industry. This data recovery software is used by world famous data recovery service providers: ontrack.com, drivesavers.com, digitaldata-solution.co.jp, etc.

Yes, every good thing comes with some flaws. iBoysoft data recovery software has a few of its own. The downfall of the iBoysoft data recovery software is that it can offer its services to only a Mac and Windows user. Also, the trial version supports free data recovery only up to 1GB. If you have loads of data to recover, you may need to invest a little money in it to choose the professional version.

How Well iBoysoft Data Recovery Software Performs?

There is no doubt that iBoysoft data recovery tool is one of the best in the business. But what about its performance? Let’s find out.


  • Supported file system: NTFS, FAT32, exFAT
  • Both external and internal drives are supported for data recovery.
  • Data can be recovered from damaged, corrupted, formatted partition, RAW data, and accidental deletion.
  • Safe data recovery process.

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Files?

iBoysoft data recovery software is easy-to-use software with fairly simple steps. Below the steps that will help you recover your lost data after installation.

  • Select the Drive: The first step is to select the drive from which the data is lost or deleted.
  • Run A Quick Scan: Once you have selected the folder/drives. Run a quick scan. Wait for a couple of minutes; all the deleted data will be shown in an organized form. Choose Deep scan instead if you want to recover lost data.
  • Recover: Now, the only step left is to recover the file you want. With iBoysoft data recovery software, you will be able to preview the files you want to recover. Then select the files and click recover.
  • Save: Once the recovery process is done, remember to save the data in a different place.

Final Thoughts

If you look into the market, several options are standing in the queue to choose from. Confusing, right? In that case, you can go for iBoysoft data recovery software. Not only does it offer high-quality data recovery services, but it is also secure and fast. If you have some ideas to share with us, do comment below.


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