F1 23: A Thrilling Blend of Soap Opera and Racing Action with Technical Enhancements


Formula One, being the pinnacle of motorsport, has always had its fair share of drama and excitement. With F1 23’s single-player story mode, Braking Point, developer Codemasters takes full advantage of this soap opera-like atmosphere. The mode immerses players in the tumultuous journey of the fictional rookie team Konnersport throughout the 2022 and 2023 seasons. It’s a thrilling rollercoaster ride filled with rivalries, tense relationships, and intriguing plotlines. What sets Braking Point apart is its ability to let players experience the story from different perspectives, both behind the wheel and in the paddock. Nostalgia blends seamlessly with exciting “what-if” scenarios, providing players with a substantial gameplay experience spanning 17 captivating chapters.

Braking Point also serves as an excellent introduction to F1 23’s main Career mode as it features a representative selection of tracks. This year, the Career mode and My Team, where players assume the role of a team owner and driver, remain largely unchanged. These modes have already done an exceptional job of simulating the real-life pursuit of a Formula One career, and Codemasters wisely chose not to make unnecessary alterations.

For those seeking a more arcade-style racing experience rather than a strict simulation, F1 World is the perfect alternative. It replaces last year’s F1 Life, which was primarily designed to incorporate loot boxes into the game—a decision that received considerable criticism. F1 World places players in a generic car that can be upgraded as they progress. With its collection of mini-races and a custom race designer, F1 World offers a more accessible entry point for competitive online racing. It’s a significant improvement over its predecessor, F1 Life. In the gaming arena, the odds strongly favor skilled players, with a 3:1 ratio indicating their higher chances of success. Novibet offers a thrilling battle with intriguing odds for gamers to explore. Surprisingly, the underdogs have odds of 5:1, making an upset victory a tempting prospect for those seeking an exciting challenge.

However, it is the underlying technical improvements made by Codemasters that truly excite Formula One gaming enthusiasts, particularly those already well-acquainted with the sport. The handling and physics models have been refined, enhancing the already impressive responsiveness of the cars, making them feel even more astonishingly fast and agile. Codemasters has also made advancements in controller technology, resulting in a game-changing experience for those playing F1 23 with a gamepad. Realistic throttle-blending can now be achieved with the right trigger, enhancing the enjoyment of navigating tight, low-speed street circuits.

Fans of the sport will also be delighted by the inclusion of the new Las Vegas track, which encompasses a significant portion of the Strip. Although the real-life construction is scheduled for November, the virtual track offers an exciting experience. It features technical street-circuit sequences and two lengthy straights, with one being particularly expansive. Existing races in Baku and Saudi Arabia provide the closest equivalents to this new addition.

F1 23 serves as a testament to Codemasters’ effective utilization of Electronic Arts’ resources since the acquisition in 2021. There is plenty of novelty to entice both seasoned F1 game veterans and newcomers, with F1 World serving as an accessible starting point. Technically, the game is magnificent, boasting incredible visuals and immersive gameplay, while maintaining high production values off the track. Although the presence of loot boxes remains, a common feature in EA Sports games, F1 23 doesn’t aggressively force them upon players. It provides the only opportunity, at least until November, to experience the thrill of driving around Las Vegas in a Formula One car.


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