How To Find WiFi Password In Windows 10


In this world, we can find more and more WiFi network which are connected to our devices. It is rare to find home does not have the internet on their devices. For sometimes, you will use a wireless WiFi network on your PC or phone.

Now you buy a new smartphone or tablet you want to connect your wireless network. Unfortunately, you do not remember your WiFi password. All of us must know that whenever you connect your PC with wireless password-protected WiFi, it will get saved and next time doesn’t ask you to enter a password for the same network.

Passwords can be sometimes difficult to remember, but it is easy to see all saved passwords on a PC that can help you to retrieve your password. In this article, I am going to share with you how to view the saved WiFi password on your PC. It is quite simple and easy.

Find WiFi Password In Windows 10

Method 1:View Saved Password from network settings

  • Go to the bottom right side of your screen and find a network icon on the taskbar. Right-click on the icon, click on network and internet setting.

Find WiFi Password In Windows 10

  • Now you can see network status under change your network setting click on change adaptor option.

Find WiFi Password In Windows 10

  • In the next window, you can see network connections, now locate to your WiFi network adaptor right click on that and select status option.

Find WiFi Password In Windows 10

  • You can see WiFi status pop up now, click on the wireless properties button.

Find WiFi Password In Windows 10

  • Now click on security and enable show character checkbox. It will show the password of the network in which you are connected too.

Find WiFi Password In Windows 10

Method 2: Recovering Your WiFi Password Using Command Prompt

Using the command prompt, you can recover your WiFi password. For this, you need to run the command prompt as administrator.

follow the steps to retrieve your password

  • For this, simply search cmd or command prompt in your search box. You will see the command prompt application. Just right click on the application a select run as administrator.

Find WiFi Password In Windows 10

  • Now simply paste or type netsh wlan show profile in command prompt and hit enter now you can see list of networks you’ve connected to in the past.Find WiFi Password In Windows 10
  • For finding the network, you need to retrieve password type netsh wlan show profile “Wi-FI name” key=clear in CMD.
  • Now replace “WI-FI name” with your wireless WiFi network username.

In this method, you can find the network security key of all the network along with the currently connected network. Just select the profile and get the password.


In this article, I will show you the methods which can help you to retrieve your forgotten password. Hopefully, one of the two methods shown above has helped you find those saved WiFi passwords on your PC.


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