[solved] How To Fix Fallout 4 Lag Issue

Fix Fallout 4 Lag issue

Fix Fallout 4 Lag : Fallout 4 is a great game to play, there’s no doubt about it. However, it’s equally frustrating when you run into issues in your game. A lot of players have been facing quite a ton of performance-related issues with the game and several posts regarding the same have been made by players in the community. There has been a countless number of updates and patches that were supposed to fix the lag and other performance issues in the game. Unfortunately, the game is still having a major lag and FPS issues despite the updates and patches.

Fix Fallout 4 Lag issue

If you have been playing Fallout 4 from the beginning, then you would know how bad the lag and performance in this game has become. But, the good news is that you can reduce the lag to a great extent with the help of some third-party mods which I’m going to share through this article. The mod is really helpful and works flawlessly in increasing the FPS, but if your PC doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of the Game, then there’s no absolutely any point in trying this out. If you have been playing Fallout 4 with third party Mods and stuff, then chances are, you might have come across the Vegas Crash error while playing the game.

Make sure to check the minimum requirements of Fallout 4 by going into Steam client on your PC. Also, ensure that you have the latest version of the game installed. After everything is clear, you may proceed with the guide mentioned below to fix the lag issue in the Fallout 4 game. Some of the players probably facing the fallout 4 crash on startup.

Mods To Fix Lag In Fallout 4 Game On PC

There are actually a handful number of Mods available, created by third-party developers from the community itself. You may visit the official pages of the Mod to know more about it and also how to use it on your PC to fix the lag issues in your game.

Fallout 4 Lag Fix Mod

This mod specifically aims to reduce the lag and stuttering in the game simply by tweaking a few graphic related options. Once the Mod is installed and enabled, the shadows in your game would be removed, for the most part, or slightly tweaked to reduce the lag. It will also bend the color of Night areas and the shadows would look lighter compared to before. If you are facing serious lag issues at random areas or times, then I highly recommend using the Mod.

Link To Official Mod Page:- Click Here

The Mod also addresses the severe fog problem in the game, especially in Interior places and locations. The Mod changes the fog power from 8 to  1 to reduce the lag issues in certain areas. It does not remove or make the Fog look distant. Overall, the Mod has proven to be helpful for a lot of users in fixing the lag issues.

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Frame Rate Boost Mod For Fallout 4

You might have noticed a lot of times, the FPS rate in the game significantly drops down making the game literally unplayable at certain areas and times. The FPS Boost Mod will help in adding more frames to your game, making it a lot better than it was before. Players who are facing drastic fps drops in the game can use this Mod to enhance the performance of their game.

Link To Official Mod Page:- Click Here

In order to install the mod, you simply need to download the text files on your PC and follow the steps provided in it. Upon enabling the Mod, you would notice higher frame drops and improved performance of the game on your PC. Ideally, the Mod is known for increasing the frame rates by 15-30, but the results may vary depending on your PC. There’s no harm or problem is using this Mod, it’s safe and does its job flawlessly without any issues.

Final Words

I hope you were able to fix the lag and FPS issues in your game by using the above-mentioned Mods. In case, if you’ve any other issues in the game, then make sure to browse our website for more fixes and guides. Let me know your experience and were you able to fix the lag issues in the game using the aforementioned Mods. Feel free to share any alternative methods, that you might have used to fix the performance issues in Fallout 4.


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