[Instant Solution] Best Way Fix WOW51900319 Easily

[Instant Solution] Best Way Fix WOW51900319 Easily

[Instant Solution] Best Way Fix WOW51900319 Easily:- World Of Warcraft, developed and published by Blizzard Games, is one of the most played games all around the world. It’s basically a combination of several games packed into one, you can choose to take on quest missions and earn a reward after completing them or fight off against real players from all over the world in epic PvP battles. Millions of people play the game regularly to grind out the levels, therefore, earning the game a spot in the most played games charts.

[Instant Solution] Best Way Fix WOW51900319 Easily

Unfortunately, we’ve been noticing a huge influx of players reporting that the game is disconnecting the players from servers due to errors such as wow51900319. The majority of the players in the World Of Warcraft have reported the wow you have been disconnected issue, the error shows up all of a sudden and the player is kicked out of the match, which is rather frustrating. However, the good news is that there are ways to easily overcome this issue in the World Of Warcraft game. In this guide, you will find all the useful insights necessary to fix this WoW Error #132.

What Is The Error? 

You might want to understand what the error means and why it’s happening all of a sudden in multiplayer matches. According to the Blizzard Games customer support, the wow51900319 indicates that you’ve been disconnected from the servers due to various reasons. The error wow51900319 render the game completely unplayable which is annoying since you’ll have to restart all over again to get back in the game.

However, you don’t need to stress out if you see similar errors while playing the game since you’re definitely not the only one facing this issue. You’ll most likely run into such wow 51900319 error and it might result in loss of your progress, especially in multiplayer matches. Therefore, it’s essential to fix the wow error 51900319 as soon as you encounter it in order to avoid any trouble in future matches.  There are many ways to fix WOW Error 132 Easily. Every solution in this guide is an efficient method for fixing error 132 wow.

How To Fix The Error In WOW?

You will most likely face error codes similar to 51900319 if there’s any interruption in the connection between your computer and the server. However, the wow error 132 can be minimized to a great extent simply by tweaking a few things in the settings. We’ve managed to find a couple of workarounds that can help you in fixing the issue.

As per the Blizzard Games support, the issue can have a variety of causes, therefore, you might have to follow more than one method in order to fix the wow error 132. Sometimes not updating the patch files can also cause the error  0x85100084. You’ll be able to resolve the issue in no time as long as you follow the instructions properly.

Method 1:- Change Maximum FPS to 30fps  Background

A lot of players in the community have been successful in fixing the issue simply by changing the max background frame rate. Players who have set maximum background fps rate to 60 are most likely to encounter such errors in multiplayer matches. Therefore, it’s recommended to set the fps counter to a minimum by following these steps.

  1. Launch the World Of Warcraft game on your computer and Open up Settings.wow 51900 error 328
  2. Select the “Advanced” tab in the left side corner of your screen to proceed.wow cable login
  3. Navigate to the “Max Background FPS” option which will be in the right corner of your screen.
  4. Change the maximum FPS limit to 30 by dragging the slider appropriately.wow 51900102
  5. Hit “Okay” option to save the changes and close the Settings Menu.

Go back to the home screen of the game and enter in a match to see if the wow error 132 is resolved. You’ll most probably find the issue to be fixed after changing the maximum fps from 60 to 30. In case the issue still persists, then try out the next method.

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Method 2:-Lowering the Foreground FPS

If you are facing you have been disconnected to the server wow51900319  then it is the best solution for the issue When you are playing a game in high FPS it needs to be a high internet connection if you can not server high-speed internet then server is disconnected.  The issue also occurs in ow or medium FPS. This can be fixed by Lowering the Foreground FPS.  Therefore, it’s recommended to set the low FPS foreground by following these steps.

  1. Firstly open game and press “ESC” or menu icon to open game menu and click on the System tab.you have been disconnected from blizzard services
  2. Now click on “advance” and go to “advanced option”.wow codes
  3. Now look for Set Max foreground XPS option and select it.
  4. When the slider is enabled you can use it and lower the foreground FPS from the current value.

Now simply open World Of Warcraft and play a match to see if the issue is fixed.

Method 3- Enable Optimize Network For Speed

If above mention method did not work for you and wow keeps disconnecting then try this method.It is another best fix for WOW51900319 Error in World of Warcraft Another easiest way to solve the disconnection errors in the game is by enabling the “Optimize Network For Speed” option by going into the settings. You can go ahead with the following steps to enable the option in your game.

  1. Open up the World of Warcraft game Settings on your computer or laptop.
  2. Navigate to “System Settings” to proceed further in the process.wow login issues
  3. Select the “Network” tab which will be located right below the “Advanced” Tab.@blizzardcs on twitter
  4. Enable the “Optimize Network for Speed” option under “Network” options.battle.net error #2
  5. Exit the Settings Menu after confirming the changes in your game.

Now simply restart the World Of Warcraft and play a match to see if the issue is fixed. If you don’t see any error codes popping up on your screen, then the issue is definitely fixed. This should fix the Error #132, but if the error still shows up, try the next solution.

Method 4:- Logout from the Battle.net

It is the simplest solution for the wow disconnect 51900319. Using this method you can resolve the battle.net network error. By using this solution you can overcome some technical issues that might occur in some of the accounts due to a server is not responding to your request.

wow router login

You just need to log out from the Battle.net account and then re-login into your account. This will make the server to keep up to the network request. After the re-login check, the error is gone or not.

Method 5:-Using An Ethernet Cable

If the above methods did not work for you then first check your internet connection or network speed. You need a stable high-speed internet connection to play a game without any interruptions. The main thing for play this game is a stable internet connection without a stable internet game is disconnecting with the server.

you were disconnected from battle.net

Ethernet connections are good for netSometimes, it may also happen that the servers of the specific region might not cope up due to overloading of a vast number of players, especially during peak times, which might result in the error. work bandwidth and speed. It is batter to use Ethernet Cable because it gives a high internet connection with the secure network. Change ethernet cable and play the game and check error is occur or not. Still wow keep getting disconnected then follow next method.

Method 6:- Use Of VPN Of Some Other Region

If wow keeps disconnecting but internet is fine then use this method. Sometimes during rush hours, it happens that WoW Server of a particular region then it might be overloaded. The number of pins is the reason for this error. The server is not able to receive a request from a player that causes 51900319 wow.

wow subscription unexpected error

The error is occurring because the server will be disabled for any server request. Using a VPN of some other region can fix the wow51900319 within a couple of minutes. By changing the region server your location is changed, which will ensure that the server is different and the server will respond to your server.

Method:-7 Fixing technique that is suggested by Battle.net

Battle.net has mentioned its own set of standard procedures called technical fixes. That is used to fix WOW51900319 Easily. We are advising you firstly check the @BlizzardCS Twitter handle and Realm Status page and look for they posted anything about that issue. Go to a technical support forum from you that can easily find your solution and provides additional information that surely helpful to you.

You should follow the steps mentioned If the wow disconnects are not fixed.

  1. Reset The User Interface:- Firstly, Resrt user interface to check any corrupted file or damaged files available on your system or not and also look for add-ons.
  2. Reset Network:- Reset network of Router, modem or other network devices to check network devices is not overloading with data or catch.
  3. Update the Drivers:- Make sure you are using updated drivers to fix any compatibility problems.
  4. Re-new IPs and Flush DNS:- Renew your IPs and Flush DNS to fix server or network issues.
  5. Close the other programs:- Close all the applications before starting a game if the issue still exists then check if it is a RAM clogging-up or software conflict issue.
  6. Graphics and Network card:- Outdated or missing Graphic card drivers can cause the error to update your graphics and network card and also check their settings.
  7. Disable VPN:- If you are using any VPN or proxy server then disable them.
  8. Scan PC:- Run full scan antivirus to check for viruses and malware.
  9. Disable Antivirus:- Sometimes antivirus is not allowing the game to receive data so block or disable antivirus software.
  10. Update the Firmware:-  Update the firmware on your router or modem.

Try Resetting The User Interface

Still facing wow disconnecting then follow the steps.

  1. First of all, close World Of Warcraft in case if the game is running on your computer.
  2. Go to “Battle.net” and then click the game icon of World of Warcraft.
  3. Open up the “Options” menu to proceed further in the process.wow error 51900102
  4. On the next screen, select the “Show In Explorer” option and exit Battle net.
  5. In the explorer window, find “World of Warcraft” folder and Open it up.
  6. Navigate to the “_Retail_” folder and open it up to find additional files.
  7. You’ll have to find the below-mentioned folders and rename them as per the instructions given below.


Find “Cache” , “Interface”, “WTF Folders” and rename them to “CacheOLD”, “InterfaceOLD”, “WTFOLD”.

  • Cache to CacheOld
  • Interface to InterfaceOld
  • WTF to WTFOld

Once the selected folders are renamed properly, close the explorer window. Now you can launch the game and start playing it as usual without any disconnection issues.

Method 8:- Uninstall and then Reinstall Of Game On Your PC

The above-mentioned steps should have been enough to fix the wow error 51900319 error in the World Of Warcraft game. Then uninstalling the game and then reinstall is a solution. However, there could be instances where none of the above solutions would work and the only way to get rid of the error is by reinstalling the game all over again on your PC. Yes, it’ a tedious process and needs the game to be redownloaded, but unfortunately, that’s the only way to fix the error at this point.

To uninstall the World Of Warcraft game from your PC, follow the below-mentioned steps properly:-

  1. Open up “Start Menu” from the desktop on your Computer or Laptop.
  2. Go to the “Control panel” from the Start Menu to proceed further in the process.
  3. Select the “Apps and Programs” option in the Control Panel and open it up to begin.
  4. Search for the “World Of Warcraft game” program in the list and click on it find the Uninstall option.
  5. Click on Uninstall and perform the required steps as shown on your screen to complete the process.

In order to reinstall World Of Warcraft game, you may perform these steps on your PC:-

  1. Go to the official website of the World Of Warcraft game on your browser to proceed.
  2. Now download the official client installer file from the website on your computer or laptop.
  3. Run the installer file and follow the instructions provided on your screen to finish the process.
  4. Now login into your account.
  5. Once the download is completed, wait for the installation to complete and hit Launch to Open the game.

Final Words

After going through several community posts and forums, It’s safe to conclude that Blizzard is already aware of this problem. However, the root cause of the error wow51900319  if still not clear, we’ve seen a lot of players putting the blame of Blizzard’s servers. I hope you were able to solve the disconnection issues in your game by following the above-mentioned steps. Let me know in the comments if the solutions were easy to understand and clear.


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