Want to enter Fortnite tournaments? Check out Tips to win Fortnite eSport as a solo player.

Fortnite tournaments

Fortnite is one of the fantastic eSport games in the world. Once you play Fortnite, there’s no going back. Obtaining mastery in Fortnite gameplay as a sole player can be challenging. However, if you want to build a career as a pro gamer, the opportunities are far-fetching and can be proven a game-changer to your gaming skills. To begin with, one Fortnite Gameplay consists of 100 players. Henceforth, logically in the event that you are playing Fortnite Solo, it means that your goal is to defeat those 99 players. Sounds like a difficult job? Well! According to our Fortnite experts, there are some basic tips that can help you achieve this goal. All you need is to follow them. So, let’s take a glance at tips to win Fortnite esport as a solo player: 

#Tip 1: Don’t land in a crowded place

More often than not, when you play Fortnite in the beginning, there are so many players on the battlefield already who are lurking to target you. Thus, when you jump off the bus, please ensure that you land on safe premises. For example, Coral Castle is one of the rare places in Fortnite where other players go to loot. Henceforth, you can view the map and strategize your landing accordingly. 

When you enter the game, your first instinct must be to survive instead of looting because you have to land safely. Otherwise, another player will attack you out of nowhere. As a result, you will die in the game before you can even run for the loot. Apart from the coral castle, Dirty Docks, Misty Meadows, and Holly Hedges are some other places that are safer. 

#Tip 2: Create a provision of healing items

Unfortunately, Fortnite is a game where the possibility of damage is high for obvious reasons. So, let’s suppose you have successfully gone far ahead in the game. And at this sensitive point in the game, you will obviously be fearful of losing performance. Thus, to protect you from this mindset, please ensure that you always have some healing items in your stock. 

It is not always crucial to use healing items to recover from micro damages. Therefore, our esport experts highly advise that you save healing items for damages of a macro level. For example, let’s suppose you have Groot’s shield in your stock. You must save this healing item to protect yourself against the most damaging player in the game during combat. 

#Tip 3: Make yourself invisible

One of the best ways to attack your enemy in Fortnite is by catching them off guard. How? Well! You can do this by making yourself invisible. No, we are not talking literally. But, in the virtual world, it is possible. You can hide in places where the other player cannot see you on his screen. For example, hide behind the branch. This is also to benefit you in the times when you land in a crowded location. 

More often than not, haystacks and dumpsters are the best and well-known hideouts in Fortnite eSport. Thus, if you think that your enemy is trying to hide from you, we recommend that you check all dumpsters and haystacks that come your way. Of course, do it in a strategic manner. 

#Tip 4: Don’t trigger combats with players unnecessarily

Even though Fortnite eSport is of a very aggressive nature. Here, battles and face-to-face combats are very common. At one point, you find yourself exploring loot. Next thing you know, someone attacks you from behind. This is where combat is reasonable. Because of all players in Fortnite fight for loot. However, stay away from triggering unwanted combats. 

For example, let’s suppose you enter the game with 99 players excluding you. In a four hours game, only 10 are left on the battlefield. This simply means that those 10, including you, are best. Thus, at this point, you can trigger combats with any player for obvious reasons. But, before that, do not fight or provoke other players if they are not focusing on you. Always ensure that the other player triggers the combat. It makes your game appear clean and healthy. 


Fortnite is an exciting game. But, it is not at all about combat. You have to focus on loot because that is how you obtain an advantage in the game. For more information on Fortnite eSport, keep eSport Masters in your list of favorites. Thank you!


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