Game Development: A Trending Career

Game Development: A Trending Career
Game Development: A Trending Career

With the advancement of technology, video games and digital games are gaining popularity in the market. Now, people are not only interested in games, but they are aspiring to build the game. Amidst this, Online game development is creating a tempo in the market. With emerging technology and its advancement, online game development courses can be a boon to start a career in online gaming development. In this blog, you will learn about the basics of this field, like requirements, components, skills, etc.

What is Game Development?

It refers to the skill of designing a game virtually with the help of techniques and technology. Video games are becoming popular day by day, so the need for game development is also increasing. Online gaming is mainly of two types:-

  • Game Of Skills: Games that are played based on prior knowledge or experience are called the game of skills. For example, Rummy.
  • Game of Chance: Games that are played randomly and based on luck are called games of chance. For instance, dice games, picking a number, etc., are examples of games of chance.

Stages of Online Game Development

 Stage1:Idea Generation

This is the very initial phase in which the conceptualization of a given task takes place by the developer and the concept builder. This phase is primarily about the fundamentals of the game development, like its creation and objectives.


In this phase, the gaming components, like characters, story building, audio, video, etc., get decided to provide the client with the desired output. This phase acquires the strategy of proper planning and associated features to the development of the game.

Stage 3: Development

This is the phase of actual development in which developers start coding and programming. The conceptualization done in the initial phases comes into existence in this phase, and developers implement features of the assigned components like characters, stories, etc.

Stage 4: Presentation

It is the phase of continuous evaluation in which further development related to audio and visuals takes place. Here, the integration of various components, including character, audio, video, art, etc., comes to pass.

Stage 5: Testing Stage

This is one of the essential stages to bring the desired efficacy to the gaming project. This phase determines the validation of the online game development. It is done by the tester, and in case any error or bug arises, then it is given back to the developer for verification.

 Stage 6: Deployment Stage

It is the final stage in which the project is released into the market. Various aspects, like marketing, advertisement, etc., are involved in this phase.

Technical Skills Required in Game Development

  • Programming and coding
  • Awareness of software development
  • Command over animation and graphics
  • Basics of computer-aided design (CAD)
  • Fixing bugs and faults

Other Skills Required

  • Problem-solving approach
  • Innovative and creative thinking
  • Story writing and narration ability

Jobs Associated with Online Gaming Development

There are many stages involved in gaming development, and each stage has a crucial role in the holistic development of the game. Online game development courses can guide us to build the future in this field. There are many roles associated with this, which are as follows:-

Game Architects

They are the initial builders of the games, as they determine the overall plan and layout of the game environment. They dictate the structure and layout of the essential components of a game, like characters.

Game Developers

They make the existence of essential components of the game by implementing the coding. They make a step-by-step algorithm for every aspect of the game.

Game Animators,

They are responsible for the audio and visual effects of the gameplay. The plots in the gaming environment, which control the play of various features like graphics, are known as gameplay.

Game Testers

They are mainly responsible for the validation of online games. They identify the bug and errors and perform the kind of testing depending on the project’s requirements.

Quality Assurance Engineers

They inspect and scrutinize every stage of gaming development. Using the set standards and protocol, QA engineers properly examine each aspect of the game development. Quality Assurance Engineers possess the quality to write the test plan as they have to evaluate the final product for the final release.


Online gaming undoubtedly is a trending career; it may offer a lot of perks and growth opportunities. Reportedly, India’s percentage of New Paying Users (NPUs) in online gaming was forty percent in 2020, and it reached fifty percent in 2021, which is the fastest in the world. Also, the online gaming market is growing at a CAGR of 8 percent in China and 10 percent in the USA.

The bottom line is that there is a requirement to earn the game developer certification to get the vital and required knowledge in online gaming development. To engage more in online game development and earn a game developer certificate, you can apply for certification courses available on Hero Vired.


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