Gates of Olympus is a popular entertainment with an opportunity to get a big score


Gates of Olympus slot was developed by one of the leading gaming software developers – Pragmatic Play. It is inspired by Greek mythology and offers players an amazing adventure with the God of Olympus. The machine has a number of unique features that make the gameplay unpredictable. In particular, it uses cluster mechanics to form winning combinations instead of the usual lines, which opens up new opportunities for winning. The Gates of Olympus login also has a Freespin Buy feature that allows players to access bonus rounds. One of the most attractive aspects of this stimulator is its potential for big wins. It has a high volatility and a payout of 96.5%.

Theme and design of the slot Gates of Olympus

The theme and design of the simulator Gates of Olympus demo is inspired by the mythology of antiquity and the gods of ancient Greece. Developers have tried to create a unique atmosphere that takes the user to the top of Mount Olympus. Symbols apparatus shows the god, precious stones and other attributes that complement the entourage of ancient Greece. Golden cups, crowns, clocks and other pictograms bring a sense of luxury and grandeur characteristic of mythical gods. The visual design is done in 3D graphics, giving the slot a modern look. Animations and special effects add dynamism to the process of spinning reels, and high quality sound accompaniment supports the atmosphere of adventure.

Game mechanics

The game Gates of Olympus has a unique procedure and uncomplicated rules. To start spinning the reels, the user must perform a few simple steps:

  1. Set the amount of the bet by using the “up” or “down” buttons.
  2. Activate the rotation of the reels by clicking the “Spin” button.
  3. For an automatic spin, you can use the “Autoplay” function.

A feature of the game is the “Avalanche” option. It means that new ones, which allows you to make additional combinations and increases the chances of winning, replace the winning symbols. Winnings are awarded for a combination of 8-30 symbols.

Additional features in the Gates of Olympus slot

Bonuses in Gates of Olympus login are a variety of opportunities for players to get additional prizes and increase the probability of a successful outcome of the session. It contains a fascinating system of bonuses, which makes the game interesting and varied.

One of the main features of this slot Gates of Olympus is a round of free spins. To activate this mode you need to get 4 or more scatter symbols with the image of Zeus. The number of spins is 15, which can significantly increase the player’s winnings. In this round, there are special symbols – multicolored balls. Each of them has its own multiplier, which increases the total prize. 

In addition, the game offers the opportunity to buy a round with Freespins. This allows players to influence their chances of winning bonus spins and increase the likelihood of a big win. It is worth remembering, however, that buying a bonus round requires a certain amount of money, 100 times the current bet.

The ante bet is one of the features of this entertainment and provides players with an additional opportunity to increase the probability of a scatter symbol falling and activating the bonus spins. With each spin, the player can place an additional bet equal to 25% of the current bet. However, it should be noted that the ante bet is additional and does not affect the size of the regular winnings in the main game. Thus, the player can choose whether or not to use this option, depending on his strategy and desire to influence the chances of bonus spins.

The variety of symbols and their value

On the reels of the slot game Gates of Olympus demo you can find a variety of symbols. Each of them has its own value, which depends on the number of scattered symbols. Among the low paying symbols you can find:

  • Rhombus – multiplier: x0.5 for 8-9 symbols, x1.5 for 10-11 symbols, x4 for 12-30 symbols.
  • Green Triangle – payout ratio: x0.8 for 8-9 symbols, x1.8 for 10-11 symbols, x8 for 12-30 symbols.
  • Hexagon – multiplier: x1 for 8-9 symbols, x2 for 10-11 symbols, x10 for 12-30 symbols.
  • Purple Triangle – multiplier: x1.6 for 8-9 characters, x2.4 for 10-11 characters, x16 for 12-30 characters.
  • Pentagon – multiplier: x2 for 8-9 characters, x3 for 10-11 characters, x20 for 12-30 characters.

Images with high multipliers include

  • Bowl – Multiplier: x3 for 8-9 symbols, x4 for 10-11 symbols, x24 for 12-30 symbols.
  • Ring – Multiplier: x4 for 8-9 symbols, x10 for 10-11 symbols, x30 for 12-30 symbols.
  • Clock – Multiplier: x5 for 8-9 symbols, x20 for 10-11 symbols, x50 for 12-30 symbols.
  • Golden Crown – Multiplier: x20 for 8-9 symbols, x50 for 10-11 symbols, x100 for 12-30 symbols.

However, it is not just the main symbols that make the game exciting. Zeus, the mighty god of Olympus, not only acts as a scatter symbol, but also delights players with big prizes. 4 symbols multiply the bet by 3, 5 symbols multiply the bet by 5 and 6 symbols multiply the bet by 100.

Access to the trial version

For inexperienced users who are not yet ready to move to betting with real money or just want to familiarize themselves with the game without investment, it is possible to try the Gates of Olympus for free. Running the demo version can be done without the need to register or deposit money on the game balance. Just go to the gambling establishment page, select the “Demo” mode and activate it by pressing the appropriate button.

Bets in the free version are made with virtual credits, which allows you to play without any financial risks. Even if you lose all your virtual chips, you will not have to return them or pay anything. In addition, users can refresh the page and get the maximum amount of virtual coins again, which allows you to enjoy endless spins and practice before making real bets.

Gates of Olympus slot on mobile phones and tablets

For all those who want to enjoy the game Gates of Olympus login at any convenient time, there are mobile versions of the slot machine available. Owners of smartphones and tablets can run both demo and paid versions of the game. For this purpose, two options are provided: a mobile version of the site and a special mobile application. The mobile version of the site is completely similar to the desktop version and opens through the gadget’s browser. This is a convenient solution for players who prefer to play without installing additional software. However, for more convenient and faster access, some casinos offer their own special mobile applications that can be installed on your phone or tablet.

Slot Gates of Olympus is an exciting adventure that will delight you with its bright design, interesting gameplay and bonus options. The machine has colorful and detailed graphics, animations and effects that create a special atmosphere and add to the game’s appeal. The presence of the Avalanche feature, free spins and high paying symbols increases the chances of winning combinations and adds extra prizes. For beginners or those who would like to try the game without risk, there is a demo mode where bets are made with virtual money. Distinction offers a choice of different bets, allowing players to control their spending and customize the game to their liking.


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