Beginners Guide To Upgrading Your Jeep

Upgrading Your Jeep

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If you’ve recently splurged and finally gotten the Jeep of your dreams, you already know that the fun has just begun. You have years of off-roading and adventuring to look forward to, but first, you need to invest in the right upgrades for your vehicle. There are an array of aftermarket upgrades that you can explore, but some of the most popular selections include lift kits and soft tops. These accessories can improve your Jeep’s performance and add a personal touch to its appearance. Learn more about the essential upgrades every beginner should invest in for their Jeep.

Lift Kits for Off-Roading

Off-roading is one of the most popular activities for Jeep owners. Jeeps are uniquely suited to perform well in off-road conditions because they have a much higher ground clearance than the average vehicle. A standard Jeep will feature a ground clearance of about 8.3 inches, whereas a typical car features a ground clearance of anywhere between four and six inches. This extra space allows a Jeep to clear obstacles more easily and tackle challenging terrain.

You might wonder, if a Jeep’s high ground clearance is beneficial, why not make it even higher? You can, and this is why lift kits are one of the most popular Jeep mods for beginners. Lifting the suspension is one of the first items that many new Jeep owners have on their to-do list because it improves off-road performance and it is a relatively simple upgrade to make.

When you’re shopping for a lift kit, it’s important to assess your mechanic expertise and choose one that is beginner friendly. Although every lift kit will come with an instruction guide, you need to be realistic about your abilities. If you aren’t sure how to install the kit and tune your suspension on your own, get help from your mechanic. An improperly tuned suspension can be a major safety hazard.

Removable Soft Tops

Removable soft tops are another popular upgrade for new Jeep owners. Some Jeep models come standard with a soft top, and others come standard with a hard top. Some models, such as the classic Jeep Wrangler, come standard with both so that users can conveniently install the style they prefer. If you want to upgrade to a new soft top, though, there are many reasons to do so — and many great styles and Jeep exterior parts to choose from.

Soft tops are typically less expensive than a hard top, so this upgrade is affordable for most people. They’re also incredibly versatile thanks to their fabric construction. They’re convenient, too, because you can easily fold and store them when they’re not in use. Perhaps the greatest benefit of all, though, is the feeling of fresh air that you can enjoy when you’re driving down the highway with a soft top on your Jeep.

Find all the best Jeep accessories at your favorite online off-roading retailer. With the right Jeep upgrades, you’ll be able to enjoy the full potential of your new ride.



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