How AI is Changing the Networking Game in the Digital World

AI Networking Digital World

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving at a fast pace, dramatically changing the way business works. A survey conducted in 2020 indicated that more than 90% of the top businesses have an ongoing investment in AI, which is shown to leave a great impact on boosting customer engagement and increasing efficiency in networking.Another truth we’ve experienced is that as AI-enabled tools grow more common, managing business relations also becomes easier. With cutting-edge technologies such as chatbots and virtual assistants, a wide range of network-related tasks could be completed automatically, helping business organizations manage relationships more effectively. After all, time is money. Anything AI can do to save time is an investment worth considering.Whether you are tech-savvy or not, utilizing these AI-enabled tools is crucial to keep up with the Fourth Industrial Revolution where transformative technologies such as IoT will significantly disrupt business sectors. Networking technologies will allow you to expand your business network and enhance connectivity by exploring and contacting people for you. How AI is Changing the Networking Game in the Digital World

3 Ways AI is Transforming Networking

From the comfort and convenience of your phone, you can utilize AI features to grow, maintain, and enhance your network. Below are 3 different ways in which AI is changing the networking game in the digital world.

  1. It builds lasting relationships fast

Maintaining personal relationships is as complicated as it is important. However, keeping up with an overwhelming number of old and new contacts is both difficult and time-consuming. As a busy professional, business owner, or even university student, you should not have to worry about spending time on these tasks to maintain relationships.

Grave mistakes are often made as we try to reach the right individuals with the appropriate message. Another frequent blunder is unintentionally letting connections go cold. Whether that was a lead for a sale, a new job prospect, or past a colleague, our network is our most valuable asset. Therefore, we should put measures in place to protect it – like empowering it with AI.

One fast and efficient solution to this problem is AI-enabled contact managers. 

Intelligent tools like the Covve app, an AI-powered address book, build a comprehensive database of contacts that is enriched with information personalized for you. 

In addition to scanning and storing your business cards digitally, these AI enabled contacts apps create simple, clean and user-friendly pages containing everything you need to know about your contacts: their job title, your past activity with them, and news relevant to their professional background. Plus, the added bonus of smart reminders so you never lose touch with your network.

Covve personal relationship management app helps you manage your contacts efficiently by digitizing your business cards and providing smart fields.

Covve also checks for updates in your contacts and sends you automatic reminders relevant to each individual. Do you know someone living in Miami who works in real estate? Covve will scan the web and alert you when a news article is published on a new development planning to break ground next month. The perfect ice breaker to start up a new conversation with your network.

AI is built into these apps with the sole purpose of helping you stay in touch with individuals. It is technology that is injecting a personal touch back into business. All these features help you navigate through a dense pool of contacts, making sure that you are always staying on top of your business network. 

Other Relationship Management Apps

Other options for relationship management apps include Salesforce and Cloze, which syncs details of your contacts from your social media and sends status messages based on interactions with your contacts.

 If you wish to level up your networking game and dive into the territory of customer service, CRM tools such as Insightly and Hubspot track sales statistics of your leads in the sales pipeline, allowing you to monitor each action in real-time

2. It makes recruiting easier. 

Screening job candidates in the digital age efficiently isn’t easy. For both recruiters and applicants, there is no sure fire way to translate an individual’s qualifications into a resume that is universally interpretable. But, understanding the technology assisting the recruitment process can help make the right connections to get your application in the short stack.

About 52% of the talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is finding the right person from a large applicant pool. The job market is getting increasingly competitive with more and more talent from the digital-native Millennials and Gen-Z entering the workforce. 

AI can help streamline the recruiting process, specifically repetitive tasks involving scanning resumes. For recruiters, automating high volume tasks can significantly lessen their workload and turnover rate. For applicants, improving the precision of job matching through AI reduces the risk of getting into the wrong job.

Ideal, for instance, is a software that utilizes AI to scan applicants from the existing database and grade them in real-time. It helps an organization’s HR team make fair and accurate talent decisions by giving insights extracted from the employee lifecycle. It also automates the administrative workflow, sending out messages to qualified candidates instantly.

In addition to screening, AI recruiting tools also help with conducting video interviews, sourcing, scheduling interviews, and managing referrals.

Some examples include:

  • MyInterview which specializes in analyzing candidates’ professionalism and reasoning, 
  • Humanly which sets up interviews with candidates in a user-friendly manner, and 
  • Hiertual which optimizes the talent-sourcing experience by taking a personalized approach to recruitment. 

2. It helps reach a greater diversity of contacts 

It takes effort and luck to reach influencers. Your email might be buried in a sea of other similar messages that flood the relevant person’s inbox. Or it could be marked as spam if you don’t phrase your subject line and body correctly.

What role does AI play in your networking effort? Intelligence-infused relationship management tools empower you to stand out from the crowd by optimizing the timing and content of your interactions with influencers.

As a mediator between your marketing team and social media influencers, AI-powered services filter brands and influencers from the database and create matches based on similar key interests, sentiment of comments, and objectives. 

A full-scale influencer platform, NeoReach helps you identify influencers with a database of more than 5 million profiles. Its search engine is equipped with more than 20 customizable filters that allow you to narrow your search by applying criteria like location and number of followers.  

You can create, communicate, manage and track campaigns all from within the platform. 

NeoReach social intelligence software uses AI and smart algorithms to help you network with influencers more effectively and run campaigns with ease

The Power of Image Recognition Technology

One more feature that makes AI a powerful solution to networking in the digital age is its ability to analyze image and video content, namely unstructured data that is difficult to digest. The quality of content is difficult to measure and brand representatives often encounter fake engagements, social bots, and use split testing to test the best ad images.

All of these methods use time and money to arrive at an end. But what if AI could remove that? 

With its advanced algorithms, AI-based image analytics tools like VIZIT are efficient at recognizing well-performing social media and ad images. The technology offers insights such as sentiment analysis that help with valuing key opinion leaders and anticipating the response of your target audience. 

Image recognition comes in many forms. You may be familiar with Face ID on an iPhone, that is a personal application of it. But for businesses as a whole, how can you fundamentally revolutionize the digital game? By knowing which images will perform before you even post them. Remove the need for split testing with AI image recognition technologies. Is your mind blown yet? Imagine being able to preemptively select the best ad campaign or social media imagery, or even profile photo. Well, you can!

AI refines the search process and execution of marketing campaigns – whether they be paid ads, website content, influencer marketing campaigns or in-person displays. Automate the monitoring of customer interactions with your digital content and campaign progress to continuously optimize on auto pilot. 


It should be clear by now that AI-enabled solutions bring immense opportunities and changes to the way you grow your network and your business. By making use of contact management softwares, you can increase your productivity by building value-added relations with diverse individuals in a world of emerging technologies.

AI tools can enhance personal relationships in business and remove unnecessary processes, like split testing ad images or email chains of content approval for influencer campaigns. Advancements are constantly being made to increase technology’s contribution to organizational success.How AI is Changing the Networking Game in the Digital World 

Start learning your best options and upgrade your networking game now.


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