How Casinos Get You to Spend More Money


You might see headlines of online casinos like Royal Vegas paying out huge jackpots. That’s because most of them give back over 95% of their earnings to winning players. But make no mistake whether online or on land, Online Cricket Betting ID are a business like any other and they need to make a profit. And that small percentage they keep back, still translates to billions of dollars annually gclub

Yes, it’s safe to say that the casino industry is booming. And it will continue to do so as long as people are enthralled by the excitement of risking a little money for the chance to win lots of it. Here are just some of the things casinos do to encourage patrons to stay longer and spend more money.

Giving You Free Drinks 

Cricket ID do not like it when patrons get intoxicated and act a fool. However, they don’t give out free drinks because they are being generous. Of course, it’s a tactic to attract people in the first place, then keep them there a little longer.

You might feel like you are getting something for free, but in reality, the  ore time you end up spending in the casino, the more you may end up losing. Additionally, casinos cost for drinks are the same as a bar, so that $10 martini you think you’re getting only actually costs them $1 to make. 

The reason that they don’t view this as an opportunity cost is that their main product up for sale is not drinks and music. It’s the games you’re betting on. 

Free Hotel Accommodations

The casual casino visitor might not be aware of this hidden perk, but regulars and high rollers know all too well. Casinos are often housed in large hotels or complexes, where they will often offer free accommodation to big spenders. 

You might feel like this is an excellent way to be spoiled by the casino. But keep in mind that it’s only another way to attract you to the casino where you will end up spending much more than the cost of the room you’re staying in for free. 

How much you need to play in order to qualify for a fee room varies from different casinos. But in general, when players are aware of the amount, they will try to match it for that extra perk. 

Lack of Daylight

The sounds and flashing lights of a casino always make it seem like it’s nighttime. It could be twelve o clock in the day and the atmosphere inside a casino will feel no different than the middle of the night. If you think this is accidental, you’re mistaken. 

Casinos purposely exclude windows or visible doors to create this feeling on purpose. The point is so that you’ll forget all about the world outside and stay for a longer period of time. Psychologically, your brain will tell you it’s time to leave if you notice it getting dark or light outside and you’ve been playing for a while. 


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