How Digital Business Cards Improve Your Networking?


In the past, professionals and business owners loved their traditional paper-printed business cards. This was used to offer contact information, and this practice is still employed in many offices today. However, with the expansion of digital technology and the importance of online presence, having a digital business card is the way forward.

Safer To Use

The primary aim of any business card is to provide information. Previously, you could hand out your printed paper card from your pocket or card carrier and present it to the other person. Although it is a straightforward process to distribute your card, there is a risk that the recipient will misplace it. 

Furthermore, your card will likely be misplaced in a stack of other business cards. Once lost, all the vital company or business information is lost with it. With digital business cards, the information is transferred to their phone.

Build Your Network

Typically, the information on your business card is limited due to size. It would traditionally be your name, organization, job, email address, and phone number. It can have one or two links that take your contact to your company’s social media profiles. If too many items are placed, your business card will become crowded and less attractive.

This is not a problem with digital business cards. You may share all your links via a QR code or URL pointing to your Link in Bio page rather than adding links to each profile one at a time on your business card. Your connections can add your profile to their preferred social networking site.

Everything In One Place

Digital business cards may be used for more than just boosting your social media contacts. You can put almost any link on these cards. You may utilize that functionality to add all kinds of details to them. Everything a potential customer may want to know about you or your business can be on your card. 

You may include a Google Maps link on your digital card if you run a business and want to guide potential customers there. When your contacts are looking for a place to shop, they have to tap your card and hit the link that will take them directly to your shop or business.

Immediately Update Your Information

Another benefit of digital business cards is the ability to instantly update your information without printing new cards. If you use a digital business card app, you can instantly update any contacts with a copy of your card from your phone if needed.

Let’s say you misplace your phone and need a new one. You don’t want your business contacts to call the old number. Changing your digital business card’s contact information can ensure that calls are forwarded to the appropriate number. This can be done immediately via any phone or your card provider’s website. 

It is affordable

Although many still treasure beautifully printed business cards, keeping them is pricey. Every time you give your card to a contact, you must pay for it because the card and the printer must be purchased.

Even worse, any changes you make to your career render your existing business cards useless. So, you’ll probably need to purchase a new set of business cards if you switch offices, get a new landline for business, or get promoted. But if you have a digital business card, you have to tweak the information, and you’re good to go.

More Room for Creativity

You have a certain amount of room on a traditionally printed business card. These business cards are small, 3.5 by 2 inches. Therefore, there is only so much information they can hold. A card has two sides, but you can only create one 14 square inches. Additionally, it is limited to text and image display.

But with a digital card, your only limitation is your creativity. If you choose, you may include rich media in your calling card in addition to links and QR codes. Additionally, you aren’t constrained by physical space because the zoom feature on your smartphone allows you to add tiny elements to your card swiftly. 


With all these advantages, getting a digital business card is necessary for today’s business world. It’s easy to build, and you may make custom designs that match your brand and personality. When employing digital cards, the physical environment does not constrain your creativity. Reserving printed business cards for VIPs who value an attractive and well-made card may still be useful. However, a digital card is a great way to stay in touch and forge new connections for regular use.


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