How Do You Write An Entire Essay In One Night?


Submitting an essay timely is indeed one of the core challenges in a student’s life. Many students cultivate a habit of procrastinating. Finally, they prepare the essay at the last moment and submit it anyhow. The result will always be average grades, undoubtedly. 

You can not produce quality essays at the last moment. But even writing the essays at the last moment has its own challenges. As a student, you must learn the art of finishing things at the eleventh hour. Imagine that you have to write an essay and submit it the next day. 

What would you do to manage it? 

Yes, it is true that you can not write a high-quality essay overnight and submit it the very next day. But there are ways through which you can finish these essays fast. The very article discusses the ways through which you can finish the essays at the eleventh hour. 

How To Write An Entire Essay In One Night

When you write an essay within a short time, you have to cut many short things that go into writing a full-fledged essay. 

Generally, you prepare a structural outline and write drafts of the essay. This is the actual process. But there is a time crunch you must calculate with every passing second. Even if you have a few days left for your submission, you can take the help of a professional essay writing service like IvoryResearch. They help you submit your essays at the right moment.

This section describes some of the ways through which you can finish the essays in a short time. 

1. Find A Peaceful Place 

Select a place that is peaceful and not many people visit there. You know, such corners where you do not face any disturbance. It will be effective to finish all your work fast. 

If you sit in the common space, you will find people moving here and there. You may also find your parents asking you for some household chores. Suddenly you may find your friend peeping from the outside of your home. It can do no good in such an emergency situation. 

So it’s always better to reach a place where you can do your work peacefully without much of a distraction. It can help you write down your essay fast.

2. Do Not Panic 

The first thing that you need to ensure is not to panic. Stress is one of the contributors to a panicky situation. According to a finding, 61% of USA students suffer from stress and anxiety and seek counseling.  

Panicking can make things even worse for you. They will easily gobble the last minutes that you invest in your research. Therefore, when you sit to write down the essay, ensure you are stress-free with your work.It can help you keep track of all your development. You can plan and write essays properly with a cool and calm mind. 

Stress and anxiety are common among students. Those suffering from it feel panic much more than others. Hence keep yourself calm and start with your essay. It can help you finish things fast. 

3. Cut All The Distractions

Distractions have always been students’ friends, and you will find them appearing mostly in their hour of need. They only make things from bad to worse. Therefore what you need to do is ensure you cut all of them.

Put your mobile phone away; you have had enough of it. They can do good to you, especially at this point. Your computer and laptop can serve your needs. Better to switch it off. Cut any other work that you have scheduled. 

Please bid goodbye to your friends going to the evening parties. They have already finished their essay assignments. They can not help you not as there is not much time left for you to finish up your essay.

4. Create And Outline 

Now you come to your essay. The first step would be creating a simple outline with a generic structure: an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. 

Take the help of your exercise book and prepare the main headings you wish to add to the sections. In this way, prepare the entire structure of the essay. We provide You with an example here. 

For instance, you are writing about the Motivation of employees and its effect on output.In the main body section, write down some of the points. Below is an example of a simple outline of an essay. 


Main Body

  • What is Motivation?
  • How does it help in delivering results?
  • How does an employee get motivated?
  • Theories and models on Motivation.
  • Evidence where motivated employees performed better 


These points constitute the main body section of your essay. So you have to prepare the simplest structural outline of the essay to end things fast. 

5. Writing Introduction 

The introduction will include the present situation, the available research, and the areas where you need further research. Simply take the help of two or three research papers from your Google Scholar. Only by reading the Abstract and Result sections will you have a rough understanding.

Based on this, you can prepare some research questions. You can even follow the methodology of research rationale, to write this seduction. First, you mention the issue. Then you write down why it is an issue. Thereafter you write down why it is an issue. Finally, you write about the research that sheds light on future research.

6. Main Body 

This section will have the lion’s share of the word count. As mentioned above, you have to plan a rough structure for it. Whatever resources you have accumulated, prepare the main headings of the essays based on them. This will help you write the main body section fast and effectively.

7. Writing The Conclusion 

In the conclusion section, you have to close down all the points that you unfolded in the introduction sections. 

Write as if your research and findings follow your essay’s argument (here, thesis statement). You reiterate some of the main points in the  conclusions to establish the fact that you have thoroughly fulfilled the requirements of the essay. 

Putting The Discussion To A Close

Writing an essay at the last moment is a great challenge. But if you are thoroughly calculative in your approach, you can discover the pathway to success. 

The end result would not be great, but it can meet your current requirements in the essay. 



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