How Engineering Services Future-Proof Businesses


Digital transformation is inevitable for businesses of any size, industry, and specific. Many companies adopt ready-made solutions, but most off-the-shelf apps cannot meet the company’s needs 100%. That’s why businesses look for software vendors who will build custom software apps following their individual requirements. 

In this article, we covered the trendy technology in the engineering market today and collected simple tips on how to find and hire a credible software development partner

Engineering trends to watch 

It is essential to keep your existing business software solutions up to date and develop custom ones according to the recent tech trends in the field. Check below what technologies are gaining momentum these days.

Robotic process automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) helps modern businesses streamline and simplify their internal processes. It enables companies to become more flexible and responsive to customers’ and employees’ needs. In addition, robotic process automation is accountable for automating daily tasks, decreasing loads from workers who can dedicate working time to more essential operations. RPA can be smoothly integrated within the business processes, leveraging the experience of skilled engineers without interrupting the company’s work. 

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things helps companies create a single ecosystem where existing software apps, hardware devices, and other platforms communicate seamlessly, exchange, and store information. A significant benefit of IoT is the ability to monitor the data flows, from collecting to storing, in real-time, remotely manage it, restrict access, and check the status of devices and software systems to reveal any errors in time. 

Digital twins 

Digital twin is a new engineering technology trend that allows developers and businesses to test the created software and hardware products virtually. Developers create the digital twin of the future solution to test it in real-time, ensuring it functions as expected. It allows fixing the issues before the actual product launch, avoiding failures before production. 

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence proceeds with changing business operations for companies of different directions and sizes. AI-powered software systems collect and analyze data from internal and external sources that can further be used for vital business decision-making processes. AI can generate personalized recommendations based on incoming data for healthcare, energy, insurance, education, and other global industries. 

Cloud computing

Cloud-based solutions are gaining momentum in businesses of various industries. Cloud helps companies set up a centralized database where all company data is stored, secured, and saved, providing data access for all company departments with the ability to restrict it by work levels. Cloud makes any business software scalable and easy to manage remotely, streamlining internal processes and business operations. 

Benefits of software development for businesses 

More and more businesses are willing to digitally transform their processes and daily operations. That’s why companies of different industries integrate software applications to meet their demands and boost business growth. Here you can find some real benefits of developing custom software for your company as well. 

High customization

Software developed considering your ongoing business needs will quickly enhance the efficiency of your internal processes. It is initially built based on your business specifics, daily tasks, and operations. Moreover, it can be adjusted more to your company’s requirements if the launch solution lacks any features you need. 

Data security

Thanks to cloud-based solutions and security standards for software development, businesses can ensure high measures to keep their company information safe. However, finding a software partner with required certifications like GDPR compliance, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001 certifications, like Lemberg Solutions, is pivotal. This is your guarantee to receive a high-quality and secure solution. 

Software maintenance

Off-the-shelf software apps are maintained by software providers that have to hold regular functionality updates. However, these changes cannot be done as requested or considering your business requirements. Custom software can be supported after the delivery to ensure its stable operation and upgrade its features when needed. Most software development companies provide support & maintenance services after they launch new software. 

Smooth integration 

Suppose your company already uses some software apps for internal process management. The advantage of custom software development is its smooth integration with the existing software system, ensuring its stable and uninterrupted operation. The current software’s specifics can be considered in the development phase so that no critical issues happen during the launch. 

How to find a credible software provider?

We collected several essential steps you need to take before hiring the software development company for your project, which will simplify and fasten this process. 

Engineering experience

Experience with similar software projects is the pivotal factor you should consider when hiring a software company. Explore the company’s website and Clutch account to read more about their past projects, clients` testimonials, cooperation scenarios, and range of engineering services. This step will help you filter out the software development houses that don’t suit your requirements and expectations of what engineering technology is. 

Range of engineering services

When looking for a software partner for your business project, ensuring the company provides a full range of engineering services is essential. You should be able to entrust them with the whole project from scratch, starting from the discovery stage through design, engineering, testing, and launch. In addition, we recommend that software providers offer support & maintenance services after the software product delivery. 

Team scalability

When the selected software team starts a new software project, they cannot predict the work scope changes in advance. It may cause the need to scale up the existing engineering team to meet the project requirements and deadlines. That’s why you should ensure your partner`s ability to quickly provide you with more engineers before starting the development process. 


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