How is swipe typing so accurate?


Swipe typing is a fast and convenient way to type on mobile devices that let you input words by swiping your fingers across the keyboard instead of tapping each letter. 

But have you ever wondered how this feature works so accurately? In this article, we will explore the algorithm behind swipe typing and how it enables Fleksy Keyboard to achieve impressive speed and precision.

How does the Swipe Typing Algorithm Work?

The swipe typing algorithm predicts the intended word based on the trajectory of the user’s finger movements. When a user swipes their finger across the keyboard, the algorithm records the path and identifies the letters the finger passed over. It then uses these letters to generate a list of possible words.

Next, the algorithm analyzes the context of the text being typed to determine the most likely word. For instance, if the previous word was “happy,” then the algorithm will prioritize words that are frequently used after “happy,” like “birthday,” “hour,” or “ending.”

To ensure accuracy, the algorithm also considers the user’s typing speed and how far each letter is from the finger’s path. For example, if the user types faster than the average person, the algorithm will adjust the prediction accordingly.

One example of a keyboard app that utilizes this algorithm is Fleksy Keyboard. According to the developers, Fleksy Keyboard has one of the best accuracies in the market, making it one of the most precise swipe typing options available.

Comparison with Other Methods

Compared to traditional typing, swipe typing is significantly faster. Did you know that on average, people type around 40 words per minute on a traditional keyboard? However, with swipe typing, some users have reported typing speeds of up to 100 words per minute!

Moreover, swipe typing can also be more convenient than voice-to-text technology, which can be disrupted by ambient noise and speech patterns. With swipe typing, users can easily input text in any environment without relying on voice recognition technology.


To further optimize the swipe typing algorithm, Fleksy Keyboard has conducted several experiments. In one experiment, the developers tested the effect of different keyboard layouts on typing speed and accuracy. They found that keyboards with larger keys and more spacing between letters resulted in faster typing but decreased accuracy.

Another experiment tested the effect of adjusting the keyboard’s sensitivity. The results showed that increasing sensitivity improved typing speed but decreased accuracy.

Future Work

Despite its impressive accuracy, the swipe typing algorithm could be better. Developers constantly work to improve it, and there is room for advancement. One potential area for improvement is the ability to accurately predict homophones, words that sound the same but have different meanings.

The bottom line

Swipe typing is a fast and convenient way to type on mobile devices. The algorithm behind it enables keyboards like Fleksy to achieve impressive levels of speed and accuracy. 

By predicting the intended word based on the user’s finger movements and analyzing the text’s context, the algorithm can accurately predict the intended word with an accuracy rate of up to 99.5%. 

However, there is room for improvement, and developers are working to enhance the algorithm’s ability to predict homophones and other challenging language nuances.


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