How Much Do Americans Rely On A.I.?

Rely On A.I.

“Alexa, what’s the weather like?” 

“Hey google, play white noise sounds.” 

These phrases have become part of our daily routines. Without lifting a finger, we can merely change the temperature on the thermostat, find the nearest gas station, and even listen to our favorite podcasts. 

A survey by MRO Electric asked 900 people about the smart home devices they use and which parts of life they wish they could automate. 91% of people in the survey said they currently use a virtual assistant in their home. Of those, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa rose to the top as the most popular devices, with 39% and 35.58% using them, respectively. 

When looking at smart home devices, Smart Tvs are among the most popular, with 306 people having them in their homes. Other top tech that people own include smart speakers (287), smart lights (282), smart security cameras (265) and smart locks (251).  

Though it seems that people have adapted and adjusted pretty quickly and rely on A.I., there’s other ways people wish they could integrate it into their day-to-day chores. When asked which parts of life people wish they could automate, the top categories were family, finances, travel/commute and career. People said some parts of their lives they wish they could automate include diaper-changing, spending limits for themselves, traffic lights changing in their favor, and automating their bosses voice with pause/play functions. 

Overall, it’s easy to say we may not be too far off from those wishes. Having virtual assistants was once a ‘far-fetched’ idea and now we don’t think twice before asking Alexa to turn the lights off as we leave the house. So who knows, maybe one day we will be able to change traffic lights to work in our favor! 

You can view the full survey and see other ways respondents wish they could automate their everyday lives here.


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