How much does it cost to open an online store in 2022

open an online store

E-commerce is one of the most interesting and profitable sectors for anyone who wants to create an offline and profitable business, which is why many companies have already decided to open an online store or e-commerce.

E-commerce is booming and statistics show how much people enjoy shopping online. In a word, the pandemic, self-isolation and all the restrictions of the last two years have changed the habits of customers; therefore, small, medium and large enterprises had to learn how to adapt to this new buying behavior.

In the past year, he has accelerated the already emerging trends and made a leap in the growth of e-commerce.

It’s time to adapt to these changes and ride the wave to be able to outperform the competition. Do you want to start your eCommerce site but don’t know what the real costs are?

Opening an online store is a complex project, but at the moment it is the only way to continue growing your business. Unlike a physical store, you can guarantee your service at any time of the day or night, reaching customers wherever they are.

If you are afraid of costs, please note that online trading is very easy to start and manage and does not require a large initial investment. You don’t even need to invest in advance to buy stock items.

Management costs are low and do not include shop rental, utilities, and staff costs.

But how much does it cost to open an online store?

In this article, our ecommerce development services by Dinarys will clarify and explain in detail what are the costs of opening, managing and developing your online store.

To open an online store, you always start with bureaucracy

When you decide to open an online store, the first thing you have to deal with is bureaucracy.

An online store is essentially subject to the same rules as a physical store. But in the case of e-commerce, don’t be scared! Bureaucratic procedures are much easier to follow.

What exactly is meant by e-commerce? Direct e-commerce means sales by electronic means (marketplaces or online sales platforms).

Direct e-commerce is different from indirect e-commerce, which uses Internet services as intermediaries to sell goods.

Another interesting opportunity for those who want to sell online and provide one-time services is to manage transactions using simple receipts for one-time services.

However, in this case, you must comply with two conditions: the activity must not be continuous and, above all, your annual income cannot exceed 5,000 euros.

Obviously we want you to have a much higher turnover!

In this case, however, you will have to move differently.

Above 5,000 euros, you will have the obligation to open a VAT number and register with the Separate Merchant Administration.

But not only. To open your online store, you will need:

  • report the opening to the Internal Revenue Service and INPS;
  • submit the SSIA to the Unified Desk of Production Activities of the municipality in which the activity is registered;
  • register with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • if, in addition to Italy, you also intend to sell in other EU countries, you will need to register in the VIES (Vat Information Exchange System) database.

Thus, in order to start a business, the costs associated with bureaucratic procedures include the administrative fees of the municipality, the wake, the opening of the VAT number and the annual fee to the Chamber of Commerce.

However, to these costs you will have to add the costs of professionals such as a notary and an accountant, which are fundamental indicators for your company in accordance with applicable law.

What are your goals? Are they achievable? What are your prospects?

After the analysis, we come to the actual development phase. Here, you will need to decide which technical solutions are best for your project.

We know that the dream of anyone who decides to open an online store is to sell to anyone, anywhere, and by all means. But we recommend that you be realistic and focus on a proportional budget. The increase in investments is always carried out on time.

What needs to be done after development? Will customers come to the site?

In order to attract customers to your site, you need to plan some activities to attract visitors to your site. In the world of e-commerce, the competition is very high, and you need to set a budget in order to invest in promotion.

Things to Consider Before Starting an Ecommerce Business

With the huge spread of online sales, it’s hard to resist the idea of ​​creating an e-commerce for your company or brand. But before you leave, you need to understand if and how an online sales site can be functional for your business.

Price is an important variable, but before you think about your website options, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the type of ecommerce you want to create.

Consider the following points carefully to fully understand what features and services you need.


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