How popular is gaming on the Apple iPhone?


Even though Apple’s App Store primarily contains non-gaming apps, that hasn’t prevented its iPhone from becoming one of the most sought-after gaming devices.

Estimates show that only about 22% (460,000) of the 2.1 million apps available for download are games; nonetheless, smartphones remain one of the premier devices for playing on. Technology has helped increase mobile gaming’s popularity exponentially; players now enjoy various benefits that help improve overall experiences and gameplay sessions, making devices like Apple’s iPhone an obvious choice.

What factors have helped to make gaming on an iPhone popular?

Apple’s iPhone has become an obvious choice for gamers for a plethora of reasons over the years, with some perhaps clearer and easier to identify than others.

The convenience that these devices offer is unrivaled. Although primarily used to keep in contact with others and communicate, those who wish to play a game can simply load one anytime they want. The portability of the iPhone offers an advantage over traditional gaming, as gamers no longer need to be wired or plugged in to enjoy a session.

The ability to connect to the internet has created new opportunities to play various titles. For instance, players can now access a casino online and play slots or table games whenever they want. This has made the iPhone popular with casino enthusiasts as they can now enjoy the same experiences a traditional venue offers whenever they want. 

Apple has also managed to make sure that the iPhone can still offer various gaming experiences through various methods. Players can access the App Store and find a playable game (with many being free) across many niches and genres. The choice gamers have through this handheld device compared to others makes the iPhone stand out a country mile. Other smartphones and portable devices can struggle to offer the same depth and range of choice with their respective stores and libraries.

Immersive gaming experiences are also possible through Apple’s technology combined with its iPhone device. Players can experience gaming sessions that they can feel a part of through the exceptional graphics and visuals that are projected from the screen. The latest iPhone models have retina displays, making images look extremely clear and sharp to the naked eye.

Other technological updates to have been experienced that have helped make iPhone gaming popular include the inclusion of augmented reality (AR) within some titles. Developers have always looked for new ways to create lifelike gaming experiences, and players have continually demanded this. Pokémon GO was one of the first titles to feature the AR technology, and the success that was experienced because of the AR feature requires no explanation. With more game titles likely to try and incorporate this tech and give players more interactive experiences in the future, iPhone gaming continues to grow in popularity.

Final Thoughts

Apple’s iPhone devices remain incredibly popular with gamers. These devices have been able to provide immersive gameplay experiences and meet the demands that players have had about convenient and interactive gaming. With technology also likely to improve, iPhones are only likely to grow in popularity, too.


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