How to Choose a PDF Library for Your Project

PDF Library

The Portable Document Format (PDF) file has been around for almost 30 years. It’s a lifetime in the tech world. Now, people are creating and using PDF Library in different field.

It was invented by John Warnock, a co-founder of Adobe. This file format changed how we relate to information and print it out in an easy to read format. The PDF has become the standard that is still in place today.

As a developer, you will need to create a PDF library at some point in your career. You can do so using C#, but there are a lot of several available to make the project easier and how to do homework fast.

Keep reading to learn a few ways you can create a C# PDF library.


IronPDF is a C# program that lets you turn HTML to PDF files containing CSS, image, and metadata support. This lets you do just about anything you need to with a PDF.

You can edit or manipulate the PDF, index the text of a PDF, and create a library using the .NET framework. This tool saves you time because you don’t have to figure out Adobe’s SDK or other APIs to build a PDF library.

iText 7

The iText name has been around since 1998 when a university student created the foundation of iText. In a couple of years, the project became iText, which was geared for Java developers.

It was released as open-source software at first. With the release of iText 5, it was released under the Affero General Public License. Today, there are open-source and commercial licenses available.


iTextSharp is part of the iText family. The difference here is that it’s essentially the iText platform created just for the .NET framework. It functions like a completely separate program, though it’s a part of the same family of products.

IronPDF vs. iTextSharp vs. iText 7

How does iText 7/iTextSharp compare with IronPDF? Let’s take a look.

For starters, iText 7 uses Java as the basis of its libraries. This is fine for web-based applications, but many enterprises rely on the .Net Framework.

IronPDF uses the .NET Framework, which gives you a faster and more robust PDF library. You can also add code that allows you to manipulate and adjust PDFs when you need to. Not many PDF library tools give you that kind of flexibility.

Even though iTextSharp is used for .NET, it’s still based on Java, which will limit the features that your PDF library offers.

Creating a PDF Library

One of the more challenging projects that developers have is to create a PDF library in the .NET framework.

You can use tools like IronPDF to complete your project. This type of tool is meant to make your project much easier as you integrate it with the Adobe PDF Library SDK.

That allows you to have PDF files that retain their information, such as text and metadata. That also makes the PDF searchable, which will ultimately improve productivity in the organization.

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