How To Choose The Perfect Player On A Fantasy Cricket App?


Fantasy cricket is one of the most downloaded and popular apps in India. Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport with a large number of ardent followers of the game in India. The sport is often considered the ‘Unofficial’ national sport of India. Because of the rising popularity of cricket in India, the sport has made its way into the segment of fantasy gaming platforms. During the 2020 Lockdown period, Fantasy cricket witnessed an enormous augmentation in the number of users playing the game. Since then, numbers have been increasing. Fantasy cricket saw growing popularity among cricket enthusiasts in India. 

Fantasy cricket is an amazing platform for every cricket enthusiast to feel realistic by creating a team of 11 years. Moreover, it is an opportunity for the users to unleash their passion and knowledge of cricket on fantasy cricket. You can utilise knowledge of the sport in order to defeat your opponents in the fantasy cricket contest or tournament. The main objective of the objective is to score more points as compared to your opponents based on the real-life performance of the players selected in the virtual. To play fantasy cricket, users first need to select a platform and create a team. Fantasy cricket has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many websites and mobile apps offering this game. 

However, the most challenging task that every user faces is picking or selecting a perfect player in their fantasy cricket. Having good knowledge is not just enough, you need to be informed about the happenings in cricket. There are certain keys which you can apply while picking a player in your Fantasy Cricket. 

Here Are Tips to Choose a Perfect in Fantasy Cricket

  • Investigate Members of the Team

While picking a player in your Fantasy Cricket, go through players’ performance in recent times. Pick a player who can perform convincingly in the current tournament or series and perform in the second half. Often, players in good form might have struggled to score runs or take wickets in the previous games or series. So, you can pick those players as it may give an advantage to your team. Moreover, you can check how players have performed against an opponent and how they have done on the field so far. When you actually go through players’ recent performances, it will give you a clear idea of whom to pick for your team. free entry fantasy cricket app

  • Choose an All-rounder as a Captain 

One has to be careful while choosing the captain of your fantasy cricket team. Captain plays a very important role in fantasy cricket as it gives extra points depending on well they perform in the match. All-rounder is an ideal pick as a captain of your team as they contribute with the bat as well as the ball. You can settle on these endurance tips while selecting your players in the team. The more players you decided to have on your team, the better your chances of winning fantasy cricket. The player with more points from previous matches will build your possibility of winning the contest or league. 

  • Determine the Suitable Pitch 

The pitch plays a huge role in the match. While picking the players in your fantasy cricket team, you need to understand how the pitch will perform. Choosing a proper pitch is an important aspect of the game. When you read about the pitch, you can determine whether or not to go for the best batters or bowlers for the match. Choose a batter or bowler’s pitch depending on how you wish to play. However, the behaviour of the pitch may change during the match. Hence, it is important to know how the pitch is going to perform to get better off your opponents in the contest or league. 

  • Keep Yourself Updated 

Oftentimes, users don’t themselves informed and therefore they miss out on the latest development and important updates regarding the players or the match. It is essential for Fantasy Cricket players to keep themselves updated about the latest news if they want to avoid points in the game. Prior to the match, there will be a live interaction between cricket experts and you can take help from their analysis while selecting the team for Fantasy Cricket. Through expert analysis, you will get to know which players are going to perform in the match. Merely relying on stats to pick players is not ideal, instead, you should pick players how they have performed in recent matches.  Moreover, you can fetch additional points in Fantasy Cricket by selecting players who have previously participated in these games or tournaments.


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