How To Create Virtual Phone Number For Receiving SMS


Virtual numbers are very popular and demanded technological feature at this moment. They are used by millions of people around the world in many different ways. The most common among those ways though is receiving an SMS to sign up for a profile on one or another web resource. This is an effective solution for creating multiple accounts as well as bypassing restrictions on registration with certain website or app that restricts the use of numbers from specific countries. You can create a virtual phone number for SMS activate purposes on your own within minutes. Here is a full guide on how to do that in a few simple steps.

Virtual numbers as a solution

Originally, virtual phone numbers were designed and operated solely for receiving or making calls and text messages from other people. But over time this situation has changed significantly. These days there are way more different use cases for virtual numbers which among other things can also be utilized by users for the purpose of obtaining SMS with codes containing a few digits that are used to register accounts on those online services.

Each virtual number is intended to receive nothing else except for a verification code from a certain internet platform according to the configured template. So it is not only good at receiving SMS for registration but also quite cheap because of its single-purpose use. Price per one number of this kind usually stays about a few tens of cents and exceeds this mark on very rare occasions. However, the most important thing is that this solution is suitable for use with any currently existing website and app providing a mobile phone number verification feature.

Supported types of internet platforms

When previously we said that virtual phone numbers are suitable for use on any online service, we didn’t lie. They are no different from regular numbers that people operate on a daily note along with their mobile phones or other devices. So they work to perform exactly the same tasks. You can use them to sign up for platforms of the following kinds:

  • Social networking sites;
  • Dating apps;
  • Forums;
  • Online marketplaces;
  • Food delivery services and others.

The list of internet platforms supported for use with virtual numbers also includes online stores, instant messengers, cab services, and even some popular and well-known payment systems like PayPal, Payoneer Paysafecard, etc. So it is a pretty multipurpose solution that suits performing tasks of all kinds if they are about receiving SMS from websites and apps for further registration.

Creating virtual phone number for receiving SMS

This goal is accomplished by using services from appropriate platforms on the internet. Like the one which is called SMS-Man. That platform allows users to create one or multiple virtual numbers in more than a hundred countries without even going anywhere. You perform the necessary steps on their website. Here are those steps explained in detail:

  1. Open the official website of the company, proceed to the registration form, and register a new account by submitting the form.
  2. Verify the email address used during registration by opening the link from the email sent to it. Don’t forget to check your spam folder if there is nothing in the main folder.
  3. Log in to the website with your registered profile.
  4. Open the recharge tab and top up the balance in a convenient way.
  5. Switch to the start page and move to the section with supported countries.
  6. Choose the country where the virtual phone number should be issued.
  7. On the next section, which consists of different websites and apps, select one to use a virtual number with and click on the purchase button.

You will be provided with a virtual phone number that has the required parameters right after completing the last step. This number is fully ready for use. The only thing that is necessary to do is to use it for receiving SMS and this goes in exactly the same way as with a regular mobile phone number. So it shouldn’t become a problem.


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