How to Determine if Your Small SUV Can Tow a Trailer


Congratulations on your decision to purchase an SUV! Choosing the perfect small SUV is an important decision because it is a long-term investment. If you’re considering towing a trailer with it, it’s vital to ensure that your new SUV is capable of hauling a trailer. However, with so many different types of SUVs and trailers on the market, determining whether your SUV is capable of towing a trailer can be a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’ll examine various factors that can help you determine if your SUV can tow a trailer, so let’s get started. Here is how to know your SUV towing capability from the experts at Auto Towing Guide.

Check the towing capacity of your SUV

Most SUVs have a maximum towing capacity specified by the manufacturer, which can be found in the owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website. Before purchasing a trailer, you should first determine the towing capacity of your SUV. If the towing capacity is not mentioned in the manual, you can usually find it on the manufacturer’s website, or invest in an expert to verify it for you. You wouldn’t want to unknowingly exceed the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle and cause serious damage to your SUV.

Determine the weight of the trailer

Knowing the weight of the trailer you intend to tow is critical to ensure that your SUV can safely handle the load. Your dealer or a professional mechanic can refer you to reliable websites to determine the weight of the trailer. You may also have to consider the weight of the cargo you plan to tow. It is crucial that you do not exceed the weight for both the vehicle and the trailer as any excess weight can change your SUV’s handling capability and performance.

Consider the driving distance

Driving with a trailer behind you can be a different experience than driving your SUV alone. You must understand that towing a trailer will make braking, turning, and parking more difficult compared to your regular driving experience. Consider the distance of your travel and whether the stress is worth it. Do not forget the impact on fuel economy during the towing period. Towing takes a significant toll on your SUV’s fuel efficiency so ensure you have enough fuel in reserve to prevent oneself from getting stranded on the highway.

Ensure your SUV is equipped with the correct equipment

Purchase a towing package or kits to handle your trailer with confidence. This might include an upgraded engine, higher transmission or rear-axle ratio, large impressive brakes, or a more robust suspension. Furthermore, you may require a receiver and ball hitch to connect your SUV to the trailer. If your SUV is not equipped with these, you should contact your dealer or a professional mechanic to ensure the installation of the proper equipment. The correct equipment saves the SUV from undue stress and helps to prevent a towing failure.

It’s hard to imagine anything more frustrating than planning an epic road trip pulling a trailer and discovering that your beloved SUV can’t handle it. That’s why taking the time to determine whether your small SUV can safely and securely tow a trailer is critical. So, before purchasing a trailer, check your SUV’s towing capacity, determine the trailer weight and distance of your travel, and ensure your vehicle comes with the appropriate equipment before setting out. By following these guidelines, you’ll have no trouble discovering if your small SUV can tow a trailer and be one step ahead in ensuring a safe and stress-free towing experience, ensuring your road trip is one to boost about.


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