How to Find Escort Services in Melbourne


Melbourne is one of the best tourist destinations. You can enjoy a wide range of cultures, stunning views, and beautiful beaches. If you are on a solo trip, the women will also leave a lasting impression.

The nightlife in Melbourne is impressive and you will find singles clubs where most revelers are college students. However, we understand how hard it can be to meet and pick up girls, especially in a foreign country. Here is where escort services come in.

Escort services in Melbourne allow you to hire a girl for the night or someone to hang out with no strings attached.

Use Legit Escort Websites

Reputable sites allow escorts to verify their identities during registration. The profile has a verified profile picture, rates, and contact information. This way, your chances of getting cat-fished is zero. What you see is what you get.

Using shady sites that offer massage services with a happy ending has its fair share of risks. Besides being scammed or cat-fished, you might be interacting with pimps running illegal sex rings. This can get you in trouble with the law in most countries.

Contact the Escort for Bookings

After you have ensured that the escort is verified, it’s time to contact them. Some escorts will ask you to leave a message with all of the relevant details. You can also call them and plan on the meetup and negotiate on the prices or services offered.

Use formal language when booking the escort. Vulgar language will have you left on read, and chances are that they will not get back to you. Be polite and formal and refer to them by their name. Also, don’t forget to mention any special requests you may have.

Not every escort is ready to participate in BDSM or a threesome, especially if it is not a service listed on their profile.

Their Place or Your Place?

Escort services in Melbourne offer in-call and out-call services. For in-call services, you have to travel to the escort’s location. This is perfect if you want some privacy or if you have roommates and don’t want to inconvenience them.

Out-call services will have the escort coming to your place. Ensure that your place is clean and provide enough toiletries and a clean towel. However, if you don’t want a stranger coming to your place, booking a hotel room is a good option.

Your Budget

Prices will be high if you are after premium escort services in Melbourne. A session can cost you a few hundred dollars for an hour. When selecting an escort, use the price filter to find an escort within your budget.

Extra services will push the rates higher. Some escorts can offer you a pocket-friendly package for longer hours. For example, the escort can charge you a flat fee to spend the weekend with you.

Summing Up

Using escort services offers will keep you from getting in trouble with the police in Melbourne. Use legit escort directories to avoid getting scammed or cat-fished. Also, select an escort that you are attracted to and who is within your budget.

Remember to be formal and professional when planning the meetup.


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