How to get a +852 Hong Kong Phone Number?

Hong Kong Phone Number

A virtual mobile phone number with the code +852 allows you to call any subscribers in Hong Kong and other countries of the world without additional charges. You can also use this number for faxing, calling, setting up forwarding and other useful options. Hottelecom offers you all of this to try for a moderate fee.

Virtual phone number in Hong Kong: convenience and benefits

You can order a Hong Kong virtual number in just a few minutes. It only takes a few minutes. Go to There you will find detailed information and clear instructions on how to do it. As soon as you get your number with the +852 code, you get all the same options as subscribers who use traditional communication methods. In particular, you can:

  • Exchange SMS messages and make calls within Hong Kong and abroad.
  • Call Hong Kong from other regions or countries. This is very convenient if you work remotely or travel a lot.
  • All your calls and SMS are unlimited. You pay only a certain amount for the use of the number for the selected period, but no additional payments are required.

The number is suitable for both personal use and corporate tasks. You can order a virtual number that every employee can use. At the same time, you will receive a number of useful tools that make virtual telephony a truly convenient and profitable solution for business.

How to register and purchase a +852 number?

To register, you need to enter a minimum of information about yourself: an email address is enough. Next, simply select the country, the types of services you will use, and the tariff plan. The system will offer you a list of available numbers that fit the specified parameters: choose the one you like. Immediately after that, you can freely use the virtual number.

The mobile number remains yours as long as you continue to use the services by paying the subscription fee. You can also try a mobile virtual number in Hong Kong for free. These are temporary or one-time numbers for sending or receiving SMS. Such solutions are convenient to use for verification on various platforms.

Save the Hottelecom page in your browser bookmarks. As soon as you need a mobile number with the above benefits and features, you can easily order it here.


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