How to Grow an Email List for Your Health Coaching Business


Being a health coach, you might wonder how to get to the target audience: via social media, email marketing, or advertisements. But the most underestimated yet quite effective way to find like-minded people is to gather their emails.

The statistics say emails are 40 times more successful in reaching new clients than posts on Facebook or Instagram. And that is obvious as via social media platforms you can not get to your audience directly. But having a list of contacts you can always write means you can reach right to your potential customers.

Keep reading and you will find out how to grow your email list as a wellness coach with announcement bar examples, popular website designs to make visitors share their emails, and other applicable techniques.

What does an Email List Mean and Why Is It Important

An email list is a list of emails from the audience interested in your company. It is a record of email addresses whose owners can send letters through.

So why gather emails for a health coaching business? Here are the main benefits:

  • Emails reach the right audience. It is evident that those people who gave permission on sending them emails and shared their info are attentive to wellness programs. So by contacting them, you will not reach a person who has zero clue about a healthy lifestyle.
  • Emails are personal. This is a conversation between you and a targeted person contrary to the messages you post on social media. You can use personalization and customization to get to the user’s heart.
  • Emails are private. When you email a customer, it means the communication doesn’t go beyond you two. And while reading people may have questions they can ask right responding to the email. This is more private than leaving a comment on a post on Instagram.

What Are the Ways to Expand Your Email List?

Before you start incorporating email opt-ins into your website, it is essential to know what your target audience is and what it needs. The people you should gather email addresses from are those personalities who want to learn more about healthy ways of living, want to lose weight or start eating healthier.

Based on that knowledge, you can decide how to encourage your audience so that they become open to communication via email. It can be providing promo codes for your products, sending free guides on a wellness theme, or sharing something for free.

As you now understand the target audience identification, let’s hit the bottom of the examples on how to grow your email list as a health coach business.

Put Email Collection Place on the Main Page of Your Website

No visitor will come to your website and look for a place to leave an email address. That is why you have to make it very clear to customers. Put the field that collects email addresses on the place a freebie will spot it. This should be on the top of the main page of your website. Users don’t have to scroll down (some of them will never do it) to find it.

Prepare a Promotional Pop-Up

Who would refuse to get a discount or special offer in the healthy lifestyle field? Right, no one. And while you are ready to grant a bonus to a newcomer to your community, you can ask for something very easy to fulfill in exchange: an email address.

This method works great with pop-up messages. The messages appear on the page or a certain place of your platform within a specific time or other conditions you identify by yourself. And contain the offer with a field to write an email address. 

Come Up With A Floating Bar

Those thin lines you see with a concise message at the top of the webpage are called floating, hello, announcement, or sticky bars. Call them what you prefer but these pieces of information can sometimes direct the message better than long texts.

In the announcement bar as in the pop-up message, you can offer customers discounts, sign-in forms, or other encouragement options to gather their email addresses. Compared to promotional pop-ups, announcement bars are displayed all the time on the website. 

Place Email Gathering Field Everywhere Where It Is Possible

Your main page is not the only place to get email addresses from your customers. As a health coach business, you surely write posts, and have social media accounts and other landing pages. Anywhere you appear, you can put a place to write an email.

Like many health coaches, you probably write on social media on various topics like the keto diet, intermittent fasting, breathwork, yoga, and so on. If you put a link to your website, some people may come to you. But if you offer them to subscribe to your newsletters, you have put them one step forward to be your paying clients.

What to Do with Your Email List?

Once you have the contact details of your target audience, you should act. It is not like you send them an email some time ago when they have already forgotten about your brand. Here are the guidelines you can adhere to:

  • Send a welcome message. A greeting email is one that can tell a receiver more about who you are, what you do, what content to expect, and other important details that will catch their attention. Right in this message you can include links to your social media to be closer to your audience and improve your brand recognition.
  • Send emails regularly. To keep your audience engaged, you have to always remember them about you. Depending on your business purposes, you should decide the frequency of the emails and their content. They can be announcements of new products, invitations to the event, or useful articles on health thematic.


Having a list of potential clients is not only beneficial but essential for every health coach. The more emails you have on that list, the more potential clients you can get. There are numerous ways to get more people to write their contact details: via promotional pop-ups, floating bars, on your website, at the end of your posts or anywhere you are present. Once you get interested customers, build a plan for your email marketing campaign, and you will notice how your sales boost.



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