How to Make a Viral Video on YouTube: Tips and Tricks  


Even standing out on the second most popular search engine after YouTube and having a consistent many viewers of your video is challenging enough; going viral with millions of views may seem nearly impossible. Don’t worry. Although there is no secret formula, there are still some factors that are the main elements that make your video go viral.

So, if you wonder how to make a viral video, you have come to the right place since we will share some of the frameworks of viral videos. Stay tuned to discover the viral video strategy. But before we begin, we want to explain something that will add to your viral plan.   

How Many Views Does a Video Need to Go Viral? 

Any answer to this question will be subjectively measured since there are a lot of different opinions about how many views a video takes to create viral videos. Still, we will share the most popular amount that is debated. It seems to be 5 million. However, it is not 100% accurate. For instance, some videos can become viral with only 1 million views.   

The crucial thing considering the question is about the duration of time the viral video gets those views. For instance, think about a video with 5 million views. A video that was uploaded seven years ago and has gained 5 million watch in that time frame doesn’t count as a viral video. So, a video should get so many views in such a short time that it goes viral. If the video we give as an example had 5 million views in 3 days, then it could be called a viral video. 

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7 Simple Tips on How to Make a Viral Video 

It is said that some elements can be counted as components of viral YouTube videos. Now, it is time to follow these practical tips about these main aspects to create a solid strategy for your YouTube videos’ viral qualities if you want to learn how to make a viral video. 

1. Make an Eye-Catching Title 

As one of the essential factors of your YouTube video, your video titles must be interesting enough for people to click on your video. Video titles are one of the initial things people see before clicking on your video, so it is a determinative aspect. A successful title can indicate your video’s overall success and lead to more and more views. Eventually, these can make your video viral.

2. Minimize the Video Length 

Our attention spans have been shortening increasingly, especially on social media platforms. People do not want time-consuming videos; instead, they want exposure to easily consumed videos. So, create short videos. Regarding this truth, benefiting from YouTube Shorts may be a good idea if you want to increase your video to go viral. Still, we must add that when you try to make your short video, do not forget to mention your key points concisely. You can easily grab attention with Shorts. 

3. Post Consistently

You should post regularly on your YouTube channel to build a loyal target audience. You can get your audience’s attention by regularly creating content for them. It is one of the few ways to start your viral success. Create interesting content that your target audience is interested in, keep posting, and then you can make a video go viral in the future.

4. Follow Trends 

To make a video viral, following trends on social media sites could be a good idea. You should be relevant to what’s going on around the world, especially on social media platforms. Here, in our case, you don’t need to follow specific trends to specific platforms but still observe applicable trends on the internet to increase your chances and create quality content. Your possibility to go viral on YouTube has increased with trends.

5. Create Shareable Content 

You should create content so engaging that your audience wants to share it with others. If your video content is unique and interesting enough, your viewer would like to share it with others. Find content that one can relate to and share on social media or with their friends. Generally speaking, funny videos are winners on this subject. They have a significant potential to go viral. Or you can explore controversial topics in your videos. Another option is educational content that can cater to everyone if you are interested in making videos viral.

6. Cross Promote Your Content  

Promoting your YouTube video on other social media platforms is an essential step, like people are sharing your YouTube videos. With cross-promotion, you reach more people and increase your view count, increasing your chances of going viral.  Make people aware of your new content on different platforms. For instance, when you upload a new video, you can share it on your Instagram story. Other platforms will increase your visibility.  

7. Collaborate with Influencers 

The other way to go viral is to make collaborations with influencers. The partnership of both of you can increase your views, likes, or YouTube subscribers count. The benefits are mutual in different amounts, so it is a win-win!

They should be relevant to your niche, and your audiences should be like each other to make an exchange between them and you. In that way, you are one step closer to achieving viral success.

FAQs on How to Make a Viral Video 

What kinds of videos are viral? 

The kind of content that has the most potential is humorous videos. Then, the challenge videos leveraging some trends are considered viral content. Educational videos appealing to a very crowded audience also work for going viral. You can tell a compelling story with a great hook on your video. Last, how-tos also capture attention and become viral content.

How can I find YouTube viral videos?

To find viral videos, go to the trending section on YouTube.  

What is the viral video of 2023?

It is the most viewed “Baby Shark Dance” by Pinkfong Kids’ Songs & Stories.



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