How to Optimize Your Laptop for a Lag-Free Online Gaming Experience


A gaming laptop will never be able to match the power of a desktop computer that costs the same price. However, there are ways to boost your laptop’s performance to maximize your overall gaming experience. Using a laptop for gaming also means you can take it on the road with you and play no matter where you happen to be in the world. Whether you are taking a long train journey or are on vacation with your family, a laptop allows you to satisfy your gaming needs without having to be at home. 

If you use a laptop to game and are having issues with the Laptop’s Performance while gaming, do not worry; you don’t have to upgrade to a new laptop just yet. There are some ways in which you can boost the overall performance of your laptop while gaming. From simple things like remembering to use a charger while you play to more complicated tips like speeding up your laptop fans, there are several things you can do to optimize your laptop for gaming. Below we will take you through some of the best ways to increase the performance of your laptop while you game.

Game with the Charger Plugged In

Starting with something often overlooked but can impact your laptop’s performance dramatically is forgetting to plug the charger in while you play games online. Some laptops are designed to sacrifice performance by deactivating the graphics processing unit (GPU). The best way to prevent this is by always remembering to have your laptop plugged into a charger. This will allow your laptop to run optimally with the hardware running as fast as possible. This means that your laptop will run games with the highest frame rates capable of and reduce the amount of lag.

Play Games on a Suitable Surface

Another thing you can do to prevent your laptop from overheating and lagging while running games is to remember to place it on a hard surface while you play. If you place your device on your bed or sofa, you can block the fans and cause your laptop to overheat. This can significantly impact your laptop’s performance while you game, cause severe lag and even lead to your device crashing. If your laptop overheats for too long, it can also damage your hardware, meaning you will have to either pay to get it fixed or replace the laptop. To prevent this from happening then, make sure that you play on a hard surface such as a table or a desk. 

Adjust Your Gaming Laptop’s Power Settings

Power settings can significantly impact your laptop’s power and reduce overall performance while you game. You can access your laptop’s power settings by clicking start, then settings and finding the power and sleep tab. Click on this and find the additional power settings tab. In this tab, you can select an option that makes your laptop run on its highest possible setting. Some laptops designed for gaming have automatic settings for battery use. It is important to check that these settings are configured to optimize the laptop’s performance instead of conserving the battery.

Speed Up Laptop Fans

One of the main problems with gaming laptops is overheating, which can reduce the laptop’s performance whilst gaming. One of the best ways to combat this is by changing the fan settings of your computer so that the fans are running as fast as they can. You can even boost the power of the fans through specific software, so it is worth checking out if your laptop is capable of this. Having your laptop fans running on maximum will help reduce the chance of your laptop overheating and reducing its overall performance while gaming.

Check Your Network Speed

One of the important things to check before you start changing your laptop’s settings is to ensure you have a stable network connection. Many people try all sorts of things to improve their laptops’ performance without checking whether their performance is plummeting because of the network speed. Poor internet connectivity can cause severe lag while gaming online. This is especially a problem with laptops that often rely on a wireless connection for internet access. 

If you have no option to improve the speed of the internet you are using, then you should consider using an ethernet cable. An ethernet cable provides a much more stable connection than a wireless one. There are even specific routers that are designed to maximize performance for gaming. Make sure you have checked all the tips mentioned before investing in a new gaming laptop. The problem will likely be something that can be fixed, so try out some of the things mentioned above and see if it increases your laptop’s power while gaming.  


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