How to tell if a new slot is any good


The world of online slots is constantly evolving, as every month dozens of new titles are released in online casinos worldwide. Among the numerous new games that are available to slots fans every month, there are  just a few that are worth playing with. Many titles are just clones of older famous slots or they are simply badly produced. However, it might be hard to find out which ones are good and which ones are just not worth your time. This is why sites like are born; they are run by slots experts who spend their whole day trying and testing new Online Cricket Betting ID. Here slots fans can find all the information they need for playing the best  games on the market. This way they can avoid waisting their time and money on bad games. Have a look at how to tell if a new slot is any good.

As just mentioned, these sites are run by slots experts – people that are fans themselves and have have a clear view on slots culture. Here they explain how they review new online slots, what are the crucial details they pay attention to when they open a new game they have never seen before. Online slots are mostly simple and straightforward games, but there are a few details players should really look at before they start spinning a new game (especially if they are doing so in real money mode). 

According to the slots experts running the site Colossal Slots, RTP, volatility, wins limits and special features are the things to look at. These are the math foundations of each slot, the details that create most of the look and feel of the game. That’s why they are more important than the general looks of a game (even tho they greatly contribute to the overall gaming experience). The first one is RTP, an acronym for Return to Player. This percentage shows how many spins will be theoretically won, the highest the number, the better. Usually players look for games with a high RTP, which might be around 96.50%-97% or more. 

Another important details defining the math structure of a game is volatility. This is something not many players know, but it is very important as it defines how often winning combos are awarded and more generally, how risky the slot is. Low volatility indicates a game that awards wins quite often – they are small prizes but they happen very often. On the other hand, you might be waiting to hit a win on a highly volatile slots for quite a while. However, when it happens it will be a consistent one. 

Looking at win limits is also important, especially when looking at online slots that have high volatility, as they might award big prizes. Every only slot sets a maximum cash prize a player can achieve, which is usually set at 250k or 5.000x the bet. However, some slots go far beyond that, awarding prizes up to 100.000x the stake. Of course, reaching that limit is not easy, but it’s better to be prepared if the magic happens!

Finally, it might sound obvious to look at special features for deciding on a game, but that’s one of the things that definitively shape your gaming experience. This might be a free spins bonus round, a reel modifier, a special symbol awarding instant prizes, a jackpot. There are many possibilities, each one is valid in creating higher win potential and a more interesting experience with a new game. 


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