How to Upgrade Your Study Laptop

Your Study Laptop

The beginning of a new semester at a college or university is always a sign that you will spend a lot of money. The modern studying process is much more than mere reading books, given that the usage of technological devices is penetrating all spheres of education. But one cannot afford to buy new gadgets every year to keep up with technological progress with Your Study Laptop.

Today, you no longer need to carry a pile of books in your backpack. The only thing needed is a small (or not so small) device, such as a computer or tablet, which carries all the necessary information for you. Still, even our hand robots need proper treatment. It means timely updating, regular checking, and effective upgrading of one’s study laptop.

Sometimes fixing the laptop in the service center may take some time, so you may feel deprived of your right hand while waiting for it. If you think to yourself, “Who would do homework for me during the absence of my best friend?” There are some other “good friends” that help accomplish home assignments. These are educational platforms and assistance services, such as Studyfy!

Moreover, in case you want to economize money and time, you can upgrade your study minicomputer at home. Follow the tips provided in this article to make sure your laptop still works after carrying out some machinations.

1. Getting Rid of Unnecessary Programs

Most users have software installed on their laptops that is rarely used or even forgotten. It often appears that such programs have never been opened since purchasing the device. You must know that it is a kind of garbage that only loads the system and wastes its resources. To delete such applications, you need to take a few steps: go to the Control Panel and click on the button “Uninstall programs.” It will open the list where you can remove all the useless ones.

2. RAM Replacement

It is not a secret that with the release of new operating systems, the requirement for RAM is steadily growing. Thus, there are two basic options for dealing with Random Access Memory:

  • Memory module replacement. To do this, you need to disassemble the device, remove the module from the slot and replace it with a similar one but larger capacity.
  • Sometimes laptops already have an empty memory slot, in which case you need to purchase and insert a new memory module.

Remember to check the device documentation to determine the maximum capacity of memory modules it supports. Although the process of replacing memory modules is simple, it may differ for different laptop models. So it would be helpful to get more information on this issue.

3. Substitution of the Processor and Video Card in Your Study Laptop

A similar situation appears when it comes to the processor. You cannot replace the processor or video card in every laptop. And the reason is not even the ability to insert the proper element into the slot – the problem lies in the cooling system. 

It is evident that the more powerful the processor, the more heat dissipation it requires. As a result, a more powerful cooling system is needed. The same applies to video cards. Therefore, it is not enough to replace the element. Instead, you need to make sure that it can work correctly; otherwise, you risk being left without a computer.

Even if your laptop provides for a separate change of the video card, you must be prepared for limited selection and high prices. In some cases, it is possible to use external video cards for laptops. These can solve the problem of the weak capabilities of the old one. However, there exist very few such offers, and the platform of your laptop should support the use of such a card.

4. Battery Replacement

For most laptops, replacing the battery is a regular operation that can be performed by any service center or by yourself. Before that, you have to find out what type of battery is supported by your model. It is often listed in the documentation or on the official website of the manufacturer. Alternatively, check the marking of the current battery and look for its analog on the Internet.


5. Disabling Unnecessary Background Processes

It is another effective method of studying computer acceleration. The fact is that the operation is fully functional without most background processes. Still, most users are unaware of the existence of some of them.

To get rid of such “backgrounds,” you need to enter the command line and type: services. MSc. A complete list of applications and a brief description of them will be displayed on the monitor. The only thing you need is to mark the services that are not needed, selecting the button “Disable.” Task Manager can also be used.

6. Replacement of the Hard Drive with an SSD

Even though classic hard disk drives are still okay, they lose in speed to solid models. It does not mean that you need to completely abandon the HDD, especially if the device is stable and its volume is enough.

If there is space for second storage, you can add an SSD. The speed of the device will increase immediately: OS, games, and other resource-intensive software will launch in seconds.

You must pay attention to the following parameters when choosing a hard drive to replace the old one:

  • Form Factor. It is usually 2.5 inches, but 1.8-inch drives can also be found in ultrabooks.
  • Thickness. Typically it is 9.5mm or 7mm. Less thick can be accepted but thicker are not possible to use.
  • Interface. Take a disk with a third-generation interface right away, even if you have SATA-1 or 2 in your computer.

With an SSD, everything is easier. The main point is to decide on the interface. It will be either SATA / mSATA or M.2. The latter is being used more and more often.

Final Words

As you can see, it is possible to upgrade a computer by replacing the processor, video card, hard drive, and RAM. However, this opportunity is not available to owners of budget devices and old laptops.

When upgrading, one should carefully study the laptop characteristics, examine the types of connectors that the motherboard is equipped with, and the list of supported processors. When planning a budget for laptop upgrades, keep in mind that the components will cost more than their PC counterparts.


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