How To Use Two Headphones On PC & MAC At Same Time

How To Use Two Headphones On PC & MAC

Today, I will introduce you to a few methods wherein I will elaborate— How to Use Two Headphones on PC Simultaneously. Read the article till the last, so you don’t miss any major thread.

While playing games, watching movies, and listening to music, headphones are always preferred over the speakers, when it comes to privacy. But the only problem with the headphones is that only one headphone can be connected to the PC at a time. That means if you want to enjoy a movie or a game with your friend, relative or girlfriend, then you have to use the speakers and believe me that is quite annoying.How To Use Two Headphones On PC

Many times people want to spend some fun time with their loved ones, like siblings, friends, or girlfriend. In such scenarios, people prefer to play games, watch Netflix, and movies. But the problem of single headphones ruins their plan. To rescue you from this situation, we have shared a reliable & working method to use two headphones on PC.

How To Use Two Headphones on PC?

The stock Windows or Mac does not allow a user to connect more than one headphone to the PC at a time, and if you plug in more than one headphone to the PC, only one of them will work. To perform this task, we need third party software to be installed on our computer system.

There are several methods of performing this task, and I will only demonstrate the methods which are genuine and have a high success rate. Below are the methods mentioned for Windows as well as for Mac.

For Apple Computers

If you are using an Apple computer, then you don’t have to download any third-party application, the procedure is quite simple to follow. With the help of this method, you can add multiple audio devices to your Apple computer. No matter it is either speaker, Bluetooth devices, or headphones. To prevent any confusion or doubts, I have thoroughly explained the procedure step by step below.


  1. Go to a default Mac application named “Audio MIDI Setup.”usb headphones
  2. Open the application and click on the plus icon on the bottom of the to use voicemeeter
  3. The next step is to choose “Create Multi OutputDevice” from the drop-down to use two headphones at once windows 10
  4. After that, your computer will show you the list of audio devices connected to your computer.
  5. Choose the devices you want check the “Drift Correction” for all your selected audio devices.
  6. The next step is to go to the “System Preferences” and then “Sound.”
  7. The last step is to click on the “Multi-Output Device,” and you are to use two usb headsets on pc

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For Windows Computers

There are several methods with the help of which computers running on Windows operating systems can send audio output to multiple devices. Some of the methods are quite complicated. I will try my best to explain them as intensively as possible.

For Windows, you will need third party software as no default software can be used to connect more than one headphone at a time. Below I have mentioned a few methods with the help of which you can connect multiple audio devices to your Windows computer.

Method 1:- Using Virtual Audio Cable

A virtual audio cable is a software that helps you to perform several audio-related tasks on your Windows computer. This software lets you use multiple audio devices on your computer. Let us straight get to the procedure of this method.


  1. Download the Virtual Audio Cable software from this link.
  2. Once downloaded, extract the zip file and install the software setup.
  3. Now attach your audio devices to the computer.
  4. The next step is to open the extracted folder therein open “x64 folder” if your system is 64 Bit else open “x86 folder”.
  5. Inside the folder, you will see 4 icons, open the first icon twice.
  6. Now two Windows will be there on your screen. In the “Wave In” option, select the sound input, and in the “Wave Out” option, select both of your headphone to use two headsets on pc
  7. After completing this, both the headphones can be used simultaneously with your computer.

Method 2:- Using Monitor Audio Jack

In this method, I will elaborate on how you can use your computer monitor to connect two headphones simultaneously. Certain computer monitors have a separate audio jack. This audio jack can be used to plug the secondary headphone device. Below I have mentioned the procedure step by step so that you don’t have to face any difficulties further.

I am explaining the procedure referring to Windows 10, and the procedure might be quite different for the other versions of Windows, depending on the audio settings.


  1. Connect the primary headphone device to the main audio out port and the secondary headphone device to the audio port behind the monitor.
  2. In the search bar search for “Sound Settings.”
  3. Click on the “Sound Control Panel” on the right-hand side of the screen.
  4. A new popup will appear where your speakers should be selected as the default device.
  5. Next, click on the recording tab and go to the properties of “Stereo Mix.”
  6. Then click on “Listen Tab” and checkmark the “Listen to this Device” option.
  7. Then in the drop-down menu, select your monitor to which your secondary headphone is connected. Voila, you are done.

Note -:

  • The method explained above will only work if your monitor has an audio jack, if your monitor does not have an audio jack, then this method is not going to work for you
  • Make sure to turn up the volume of your monitor else you won’t get any sound in your secondary headphone.


Many people want to spend quality time with their loved ones by watching videos, movies, and playing games. But things get ruined as they don’t know how to connect multiple headphones to the computer.

We have described How to Use Two Headphones on PC Simultaneously. Besides, we mentioned methods for Mac as well as for Windows. Enjoy your quality time and share this article with your friends and let them beat the best of the duo on PC.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the subject then comment below.


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