How your business can benefit from using bots


In the ever-changing realm of business and technology, companies are tirelessly searching for inventive paths to refine effectiveness, augment customer encounters, and ensure efficiency. An emerging technology that has been gaining remarkable popularity recently is the utilization of bots.

From AI chatbots to specialized task automation bots, these digital assistants transform companies’ operations. 

The Types Of Bots

Businesses can use the following types of bots to improve their customer service and service offerings. 


Chatbots have unquestionably emerged as the leading contenders in streamlining business processes today, where everyone is a customer and demands service on the fly.

They are computer programs that provide responsive virtual assistance by understanding, analyzing, and responding to customer queries or requests and providing relevant information.

Corporations employing chatbots for their customer support operations can save up to 30% on expenses. When you consider that 22% of micro-businesses, 58% of B2B businesses, 42% of B2C businesses, and 65% of internet and software companies use chatbots, it becomes apparent that this trend is here to stay. 

Telegram Bots 

Telegram, an immensely popular messaging application, prides itself on a blossoming environment of beneficial automatons. These useful telegram bots can execute diverse duties, such as delivering current affairs updates, offering meteorological predictions, and scheduling assistance. 

Exploiting the advantages offered by bots within the Telegram ecosystem can be especially beneficial for commercial entities that aim to interact dynamically with their customer base by capitalizing on the social media platform’s messaging capabilities.

Social Media Bots

These bots are perfect for commercial entities that want to create or maintain a social presence but do not want to do it manually and prefer automation. These AI alternatives can schedule posts, reply to messages, and analyze social media data to optimize marketing strategies. 

E-commerce Bots

For outlets that rely on online sales, these bots play a pivotal role in augmenting customer experience and satisfaction. They can propose product choices, field queries about them, and even facilitate payment transactions.

Bots for Specialized Task Automation

Apart from interactive chatbots, another bot type with a significant presence across several industries is the automation bot. 


These bots are programmed to perform specific operations, often repetitive or labor-intensive, with astounding accuracy. Let’s look into some key domains where organizations are bringing about substantial benefits:

  • Data Entry and Analysis

In sectors like finance and healthcare, where precision matters, firms can leverage AI-powered software to efficiently handle data input and analysis tasks, curbing inaccuracies while elevating productivity.


As an offshoot of data entry and analysis, bots can streamline internal workflows. Workflow automation bots can manage repetitive tasks, govern data activities, and even assist in project administration, with automation potentially amplifying productivity by up to 20%. 

  • Text Generation

Intelligent bots equipped with language comprehension can serve a variety of purposes, one of which is content writing. This comes in handy in industries that require the same type of content written over and over again and would like to save the cost of hiring a content writer. Text generation bots are perfect for writing product descriptions and collating recipes from the internet, to name a few. 


These bots should not be confused with social media bots. While both can generate text, social media bots can go as far as replying to customer messages and informing would-be customers of product offerings. In contrast, text bots only create texts when queried. 

The Bot Revolution: A Statistical Insight

One thing is clear: it is indeed a bot revolution. These bots have shown their worth in many industries, and the following stats put it into perspective for outfits that might still be in doubt.

Decreased Expenditure

The sole aim of doing business is to turn a profit, and including chatbots in the day-to-day running of businesses is expected to have saved businesses about $8 billion. Being able to cut down on wait times is sure to attract more subscribers, and the process being automated means money is not being paid out. Win-Win!

Consumer Participation

According to Business Insider, 80% of businesses wanted to employ chatbots for direct customer encounters before the calendar year 2020 ended. Robots provide a non-stop presence, guaranteeing swift response times to client inquiries.

Hurdles Businesses Implementing Bots Might Face

At a glance, it looks like businesses and bots are like jam and jelly, but it can be misleading as there are some considerations business owners should factor in before coming aboard the bandwagon.


The first issue that a business using bots might face is that bots cannot replicate the human touch. Most customers can tell they are chatting with a bot from the first few lines of conversation and might be uninterested in continuing the conversation, which can lead them to consider the competition. 


Another problem a company might face would be confidentiality. The bots are more likely than not third-party additions that could gain access to your customer information. In a world where data breaches are increasingly likely, doing this makes such a company low-hanging fruit. 

The Future of Bots: Integration and Adaptation

As businesses continue to embrace bots, the emphasis is moving towards seamlessly incorporating these virtual assistants into established operational procedures. An emerging trend is the development of bot platforms driven by API, enabling organizations to craft distinctive bots that cater to their specific requirements. This customizability guarantees that bots can grow alongside your enterprise while keeping pace with fluctuating customer expectations.


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