Integration of AI with Oracle Service Cloud Call Centre Software for Intelligent Customer Service

Integration of AI with Oracle Service Cloud Call Centre Software for Intelligent Customer Service

Intelligent customer service aims to provide clients with the best overall customer experience by providing them with the most relevant solution to their concern in a reasonable amount of time, every single time they call. Have you ever heard of artificial intelligence (AI) in the cCall Center Community?

The integration of AI in the workplace has its pros and cons. Artificial Intelligence can automate many of the tasks and routines that regular employees do, leaving them with less work and freeing up some time. This can result in a more relaxed and positive environment which can improve an employee’s productivity. AI can also process work and data at a faster pace, resulting in an increase in productivity. However, with all the benefits coming from Artificial Intelligence, employees also fear being replaced by these computers. 

If you’re wondering how the integration of AI can help improve Customer Service and what it can do, then you’re in the right place. Manage your increasing contact volume and provide better service to your customers with the Oracle Service Cloud! With the integration of AI with Oracle Service Cloud, you can easily connect with your customers using voice calls, chats, video calls, IVR, email, in-app, sms, and a lot more!

You must be wondering, what are the features of the Oracle Service Cloud Call Center and how does integrating it with AI help their customers and clients? Let’s have a look at it!

Features Of The Oracle Service Cloud Call Center

  • Single Sign-On 

Allow your agents to access or sign in on multiple applications with just a single login credential. The single sign-on feature provides simultaneous login to both systems. This way, your agents will no longer have trouble remembering dozens of passwords. This also helps from keeping them locked out of their accounts. Minimizing stress even before the day starts. 

  • Click To Call 

You no longer have to grab your phone and scramble through your contacts to look for your client’s phone number to call them. With the Click To Call feature, you can easily call your client by simply clicking on the phone icon or the phone number beside the contact’s name. The Click to Call feature is also said to Increase customer engagement and conversions!

  • Transfer Calls

Spare your clients from all the hassle and long wait of phone transfer. With the Transfer Call feature, you can quickly transfer your calls to any number and push screen during consult calls. This is also a great way to maximize your resources and agents’ productivity while leaving a good impression on your clients. 

  • Answering Machine Detection 

Every call matters. Every call is a possible conversion.  With the answering machine detection feature you can now automatically detect when an answering machine is picking up the call instead of a live person. Companies can even utilize advanced outbound dialing software to detect when is the right time to leave a message or when is the right time to connect live callers to agents. This way, no call is wasted. 

  • Activity History 

Learn from all the context of your past conversation by checking the Activity History. The Activity History gives you the saved recordings, activities, notes, and all actions taken during a call. This also gives you an idea of how your agents spend their time, how they go about with a client, and how the call ends. You not only have data regarding your clients but on your agents as well. This way, you and your agents can review their work and help each other improve and work more efficiently. 

  • Data Access 

Oracle data is used for identification, customer prioritization and differentiation, and self-service. Use these data to organize your clients, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your agents, and improve on what is needed in order to increase your sales. 

  • Screen Pop 

Screen pops are a cool way for your agents to instantly have information about who the caller is, the last agent they have spoken to, previous concerns, or any history regarding the client. This way, before your agents answer the call, they can be more prepared and make the call more personalized. Your clients will definitely feel that they are prioritized and important with the Screen Pop Feature. 

  • Complete Contact Center Statistics 

If you want to improve your agents and conversion rate, know your statistics! With the Integration of AI with Oracle Service Cloud, you can now easily get all the relevant statistics and data on your customizable wallboard! Discuss with your team and work together to improve your services. 

It gets better…

You can now utilize AI for sentiment, transcription, and keyword analysis! The importance of sentiment or transcription analysis is that your AI can interpret the tone of the message, email, transcripts, or comments as positive, negative, or neutral. This lets the company monitor their customer’s feedback on them and also better understand their customer’s needs. Moreover, keyword analysis helps the company determine the right keywords that are best to target and provide valuable insight into their target audience’s questions. 

With Oracle Service Cloud Call Centre integration with AI, you are no longer limited to just 1 channel. You can easily connect to agents on emerging channels including popular social messengers such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Line, and more. Being able to connect with your clients and transfer them to other supported channels seamlessly without losing context creates a more personalized customer experience. An omnichannel call center like the Oracle Service Cloud Call Centre can easily do all these. 

Agents are no longer limited to working in their stalls! If you’re worried that you have to set up a physical workplace for your agents and buy computers for each and every one of them, then worry no more. This is perfect even for remote agents or virtual call center agents who are in a work-from-home setup. 

What’s The Bottom Line?

There is no doubt that integrating Artificial Intelligence in a Call Center Company makes the work easier and faster. Artificial Intelligence reduces the work at a lesser cost. As AI advances through time, it is no doubt that every company would want to use it. Integrating it in a call center setting increases an agent’s efficiency by making more informed decisions based on reliable and relevant data, which in return, increases the company’s conversion rate. 

Intelligent customer service doesn’t just end when the client drops the call, it begins there. The integration of AI in customer service can help agents improve their calls and productivity. Make your clients feel that they are your number 1 priority every time you answer their call. Improve your call now and generate more leads with the Oracle Service Cloud.


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