iPhone vs. Android For Mobile Gaming: Which Is the Better Option?

iPhone or Android

It’s time for you to upgrade phones! Like every time you buy a new device, you can’t seem to decide between the iPhone or Android. Here lately, you’ve gotten into mobile games.

So whichever platform will allow you to play around with all your favorite apps will have your money. Both systems have plenty of pros and cons when it comes to gaming.

For example, you’ll find more free options on Android. As far as Apple goes, they don’t have as many choices, but the ones they do have are high quality.

This most likely didn’t help make your decision any easier. Don’t worry we have more points where that came from. Keep reading to learn which gaming platform you should use.

iPhones Get Games Sooner

Most developers release their games on iPhone sooner than they do Android. That’s because it’s easier to make games for it. They don’t have to optimize for a bunch of different OS systems, and they only have to worry about two devices.

If a developer wants to release their game onto the Play Store, there are a lot more devices to consider. They’ll have to make thousands of versions of the same game. As you can imagine, this gets pretty expensive.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to gaming on iPhone, you won’t have that many choices. The thing is, the choices you do have are a lot higher in quality.

Apple doesn’t let just anyone release a game onto their platform. They also do purges often to get rid of titles that are full of glitches and other issues.

Android, on the other hand, has a ton of choices for you to pick from. They tend to be a hit or miss, though. Android doesn’t have as many regulations in place, so you’ll often download a game that barely even works.


Having fewer restrictions isn’t always a good thing. Again, Apple often does purges to get rid of games that no longer suit them. You may wake up to check in on a game you love, only to realize that it’s no longer there.

Android doesn’t get rid of things often, so you’ll never have to worry about your favorite titles disappearing.


Affordability can vary from game to game. We will tell you that gaming on android is a bit cheaper because you’ll have more free options available to you.

It’s a great way to try out some of the games you read about on Gamemine without having to actually pay anything for them. You don’t have quite as many of these options when you play on iPhone.

Choosing the Best Device for Mobile Gaming

Are you trying to choose a device with mobile gaming in mind? No matter if you’re playing on Android or iPhone, you will run into some problems.

The one you choose is all up to personal preference and what kind of gaming library you want access to. If you’re still on the fence about which phone to choose, check out our blog to read the latest news on both of your options.


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