iPhone won’t Turn On – Quick Fix


It’s very disappointing when users try to use the phone, and the black screen comes every time & iPhone won’t Turn On. Phones have made much progress from being only a necessary flip phone. Innovation still has its limitations.

Users may not usually have the option to repair the problem without anyone else. There are some tips to attempt before talking to the expert.

However, no technology is perfect. If you’ve pressed the Power key or button and the screen won’t turn on or you see an error message, don’t be panic. You can possibly make it boot again.

iPhone won’t Turn On

Here The instructions here will make any iPad or iPhone boot up and work properly. If they don’t, there is a hardware problem in your device stopping it from booting.

Before you attempt different methods to turn on your iPhone, it is important to get information for what reason does the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6/6splus won’t turn on. Maybe there could be any device(hardware) or software problem identified with your device. If that your phone has physical damage or has been dropped in water, here it may have a hardware-related problem or maybe there could be issues with the Charging cable.

Then again, if your phone was working fine and has stopped working all of a sudden, then there could be a software problem. if you have updated your phone, downloaded another application, visited a suspicious website, tried to jailbreak your phone, or changed the Operating system and framework settings, here software problems could be the root cause. While software related issues can easily be resolved, you have to visit an approved Apple service center to repair its devices.

Reset Your Phone

however, your phone can once in a while overheat. Likewise, it just may need a minute to be turned off. When you normally have your phone turned on and never allow it a reprieve, it could begin to lag or have issues.

iPhone Not Turning OnYou can easily restart your phone by squeezing the power key(button).

When you press and hold the button, the choice to power off your screen will pop up. At that point, simply slide your finger over and your phone will turn off.

Leave your phone off for several minutes and later walk out on. If the iPhone turns on when you first attempt the power key, that may have been your problem. iPhone that the user has may have crashed and turned itself off.

Check Your Lightening Cable

If your iPhone won’t turn on, have to go another cable and another charger for your iPhone, or then again, have a go at accusing another person’s iPhone of your cable and your charger. If that their iPhone charges and yours don’t, don’t jump to the following stage at this time.

A common, less-described problem is some iPhones will charge when compared with a pc or laptop, not with the divider charger. Despite whether your friend’s iPhone charges of a similar cable and wall charger, it’s understandable that your iphone wont turn on. you have a go at charging your iPhone using a USB port on your Personal Computer.

Charge your iPhone

You would have the option to fix the iPhone not turning on a problem by just charging it. At the point when our gadget keeps running on a low battery, it shows a brief. You can basically connect it to a charger to ensure that the phone won’t turn off. At whatever point my iPhone won’t turn on, this is the main thing that I check. Give your phone a chance to charge for some time and attempt to turn it on.

iPhone won’t turn on-Charge your iPhone

If that your phone still isn’t charging, at this, there could be a problem with its battery or the lightning connection cable. Ensure that you are using a valid and working cable. Check every one of the sockets and the connector too. Additionally, you should know the present battery of your device to maintain a distance from such an obnoxious thing.

Plug your phone into the lightening cable and leave it for about 20-30 minutes.
Some iPhones will power on automatically once they start charging. user may need to turn your phone on by using the power button though, depending on which iPhone user have.
When user plug phone in, a small icon should show up on the bottom of your phone by the charging socket. If the logo is not there or the phone doesn’t turn on once plugged in, the user may need to try a different charger.

Perform a Hard Reset on iPhone

A “Hard reset” will forcefully reboot your iPhone or iPad When your phone is completely frozen and isn’t responding then a hard reset is helpful. The hard reset procedure has changed a bit on the iPhone 8/X/XS/XR and new iPad Pro without the Home page button.

  • To perform a hard reset on a new one iPhone, press and release the Volume Up(+) key or button,
  • quickly press and release the Volume Down(-) button, and then press and hold the Side button.
  • keep holding the Side button down until your iPhone reboot process completes.
  • User will see the Apple logo appears on the screen as it’s booting up, and you can release the button. This will take a time duration of about five to ten seconds.
  • If you’ve waited longer than ten-twenty seconds and there is no result, nothing happened then try again. The user needs to press the buttons in quick succession, and can’t pause for too long in between each press.

Hold Power & Home to attempt a Hard Reset method

iPhones and iPads can be freeze completely, just like other devices. If they do, there is no working of Power and Home buttons. Perform a ‘hard reset’ to fix this.

To perform this, press both the Power and Home buttons and hold them down. On the iPhone 7, press and hold the Power button and the volume down button. Keep holding both the buttons down until the Apple logo appears on the screen. The logo should appear between 10-20 seconds after you start holding the buttons. Your iPhone/iPad will boot back up usually after the Apple logo appears. It’s the button that regularly turns your device’s screen on and off.)

If this button combo doesn’t work, your iPhone or iPad may need to be charged for a while first. Charge it for a while before trying the Power+Home button hard reset.


There are various methods that users can try to fix the issue that the iPhone has. Definitely should try the above tips, but if they don’t work, take your phone to an Apple store. Other than that, try to taking your phone to your mobile carrier as well or some expert.


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