Is it cheaper to buy a new house or renovate?


You may have various reasons why you need a new house, maybe you have outgrown it? Maybe you live on a noisy street? Or maybe annoying neighbors moved in nearby?

Before you make up your mind, that this is an ideal opportunity to proceed, you must first consider if it is cheaper to buy a new house or renovate the existing one.

Here, we are going to shed more light on it.  

To be the best answer to the question, many aspects need to be considered.

Will it work? 

It might be cheaper will it transform the appearance of your home? Though, with the right planning, you can transform your current home into a much cozier home. If you can’t plan, consider contacting an expert in  Shaftesbury Green Conway and see what they can offer. When done right, renovation is cheaper than buying a new home. Take into account brokerage fees, moving costs, the cost of keeping your home vacant while waiting for a buyer, etc.

The scope of house renovation work to be done

Either way, the renovation can get complicated depending on the scope of the work to be done. That’s why it might be a smart thought to hire a knowledgeable project contributor or initiator. Since these experts have a lot of experience, they may surprise you with new ideas for your home that you would never have thought of anyway.

The scope of work will help you gauge how much you are going to spend on renovation. This can make you weigh if it is expensive to go ahead with renovation or add some cash and just go for a new home.

Knowing the scope of work can also help you plan on which task comes before the other, and what time it will take.

What about your house neighbors

After you have planned for the renovation, you should then inform your neighbors telling them what inconveniences that you can cause. These include noise, dust, and new faces around their properties, etc. in reality, your neighbors will be affected by your renovation endeavors. If they are good, they can also help you with some ideas on to do it the best way.

What about your family

Make sure your family can see how much time the renovation can take, and if you will need the help of everyone behind you. Also, make sure they understand that they may have to make some small sacrifices during the renovation, but everything will be fine.


So renovation should be cheaper when done in the right way. Just be mindful about what the renovation will entail, the scope of work, your family, neighbors, and how much time it will take. But in all aspects buying a new home can be very expensive and can attract extra taxes. I wish you karma on your future renovation and I know that when you see the bottom line, you will feel a sense of pride, knowing that you have saved a lot of cash.


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