Is It Possible to Buy Caravaggio Paintings?

Buy Caravaggio Paintings

The man of all seasons, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was an Italian painter. His paintings blended idiosyncratic ideas with a deep intellect combined with actual observations. Art critics regarded painter Caravaggio as one of the strongest influences on Baroque art.  He was a master of hard-to-achieve painting techniques like Tenebrism, chiaroscuro, and naturalism. His paintings depicted crucial moments and scenes that featured live models, violent struggles, turbulence, death, and torture. – Buy Caravaggio Paintings

Not only with visuals, but some of Caravaggio’s famous paintings are the most expensive. Learn about Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and the worth of his paintings in the segment below. 

Lighting A Dark World 

Caravaggio took a step to focus on subjects and people who lived in a dark world. Caravaggio’s paintings were seen in dim, sunlit, candle-lit churches or religious buildings. The light brought to paintings was light in the darkness that people could relate with. 

He brought to life mastery of light, shadows, and values all in one perspective. The master technique he used to depict its portraiture was chiaroscuro which had a narrative of realistic gameplay of light and paper. As if the paintings made with these techniques were a live story happening in front of them. 

But, it is easier said than done. Caravaggio suffered a tough time making this change possible. Many religious personnel and religious personalities opposed this change. The thought and the vision Caravaggio showcased through his artworks were perceived as harsh reality and too straightforward truths to be accepted at the spiritual forefront. 

The church people at that time were in constant restoration after the high Renaissance period. The art of the time was a reminder of Church values and people’s restoration of Christianity. So, anything of the sort that captured demeaning thoughts against it was strictly rejected. Of which Caravaggio paid the consequences.

Famous Caravaggio Paintings – Buy Caravaggio Paintings

About 90 masterpieces of Caravaggio are believed to exist in different art museums and galleries in the world. Caravaggio famous paintings include “The Calling of Saint Matthew.” This painting is a biblical scene in a modern reality. 

Then there is one more named “Doubting Thomas.” This very portrayal is also known as the Incredulity of Saint Thomas, again a classic biblical portrayal by Caravaggio. Furthermore, it has been painted with exceptional detailing and an appealing style as if it’s a photograph. 

The Bacchus by Caravaggio is also another enthralling portraiture. It is fascinating in its understanding because many thought that he painted this one with the help of a mirror and modeled himself as Bacchus. 

One famous painting widely acclaimed in Europe and Italy was the Fortune Teller. The artwork is based on a wealthy young man in love with a gypsy girl that reads palm. It is a simple drawing but so inspiring with its extraordinary artistic maneuvers. 

The Master of Complex Simplicity – Buy Caravaggio Paintings

The introduction of bright light into Caravaggio’s paintings vanished the darkness encircling the people’s life. It brought to life the simplicity and perhaps the vital elements of mannerism from the High Renaissance art. 

While there was a high gap in similarities between mannerism and the High Renaissance, both these periods were marked by vivid canvas, many people, liveliness in flora and fauna, cloud bursts, advanced colors, and above all, displays of linear perspectives. 

By composition, the appearance of his paintings was simple. However, there were remarkable touches of expert techniques that veiled the emotional complexity of the artist. His designs were filled with busy backgrounds yet poise and transparent in their visuals. 

The Caravaggisti

It is no doubt that Cavarggio’s paintings are sold for extremely high prices and are one of the most exorbitant paintings in the world. Caravaggism created an immediate impact on the young artists of Rome. 

It inspired the young artists to innovate styles, adapt realism and improve their painting styles. The paintings made by the so-called Caravaggisti were exhibited between 1600 and 1630. 

It was explicitly bracketed in European Caravaggism, where the Caravaggisti highlighted the difference between regional painting traditions. All the paintings in them were eye-delights, each top-notch from the other. 

Is it Possible to Buy Caravaggio Paintings?

Caravaggio’s paintings have been put on the exhibition many times, and every time the auction is held, the painting gets sold for hundreds of millions. Caravaggio is an out-of-the-box dream for an ordinary man who wishes to buy. 

Judith Beheading Holofernes – Caravaggio

It’s the only natural heritage museum, and art galleries can afford Caravaggio’s paintings. For example, the Caravaggio painting Judith and Holofernes was sold in France at an unbelievable sale price of $170 million. The painting depicts a biblical narration of Judith, who decapitated the Assyrian general Holofernes. 

It was an essential painting in Caravaggism. However, if not the originals, there are many options for you to purchase Caravaggio’s paintings. This is because so many online art websites and galleries sell similar reproductions. 

Age-old artists make them with complete proof of authenticity and reliability. From the quality of colors to the longevity of the canvas, they can be your go-to find for your Caravaggio statement piece. 

The Bottom Line 

Check out Caravaggio’s complete works and learn more about the artist’s out-of-the-world approach to paintings. Yes, his paintings are beyond imagination—one of the most luxurious items in the world. However, many oil-on-canvas reproductions that look exactly similar to the painter’s style can be bought. 


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