Jet suit for Paramedics

Jet suit for Paramedics

Jet suit for Paramedics. According to CNN Business in London, the jet suit-wearing paramedic could be expected soon in the hilly terrain in the United Kingdom.

With the latest tech, such as a 90 seconds hike, which was initially 25 minutes, and the 1050 brake horsepower jet suit, it is evident that the jet suit will change everything. Considering the features found in the area, the jet suit will bring a new game to the hiking sector. Can you imagine a 25minutes walk being reduced to only 90 seconds? Well, people aren’t ready for this yet.

According to and the director of operations at GNAAS, Andy Mawson, the improved tech will enable the team members to access different patient’s homes faster than before.

This only means one thing; the patients will receive adequate attention, thus, lowering the rate of suffering and saving more lives. It is the best technology ever seen in the whole world.

There have been meetings between the Gravity industry and GNAAS teams ahead of the tech launch, which happened on 15th September.

The test began in Langdale pikes, whereby Richard Browning, the founder of Gravity Industries, flew the valley to a specific site with a high elevation.

After that, Mawson suggested that the region located in Northern England was a perfect spot after several analyses concerning emergency calls’ response rate. It is anticipated that the jet suit will bring significant changes, especially in emergency cases.

Mawson said that there was a gap, but how to fill the gap is what they didn’t know. But the good news is that they combined efforts and finally got a solution.

The jet suit is the best tech that will help reach out to patients in a remote area. It was a wonderful experience, according to Browning.

Nothing sounds excellent when all they were doing is trying out to come up with viable ideas.

It was in 2018 when Browning highlighted the jet suit inventions. He started with 3D parts that were printed, five jet engines, and specialized electronics. What matters is understanding the concept. He explained to CNN news that after you know the whole idea and create the jet suit, it is possible to set it at 32 miles per hr. to an altitude of 12000 feet.

Note: Once the entire idea is in place, the paramedics fly with a fully-equipped medical kit. The kit has different first aid relievers such as pain relief walkers and defibrillators. The medical kit’s idea is that the paramedics can suffer heart attacks or even some fractures.


Change is all that everybody wants. There are sectors where advanced technology could mean a lot to the professionals involved. The jet suit is one of the medical sector changes that is set to bring out the best of the services ever seen. People are living in remote areas, and they have poor access to medical attention. As a result, people keep suffering in silence. Thanks to the jet suit innovations, many lives will be saved, and there will be less pain among the patients.



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