Keeping Pets Safe While Traveling

Keeping Pets Safe

Pets are part of the family, and many times it’s great to have them come along on family adventures. However, too many drivers allow their dogs, cats, or other animals to roam freely in the car while they’re on the road. It might seem fun, but unfortunately, it can have a significant impact on your family and pet’s safety, as well as keeping your affordable car insurance rates low. Accidents are bad news on many levels. How can you be successful in Keeping Pets Safe while traveling so that everyone arrives ready for fun? Here are some tips.

Don’t Let Your Pets Distract You

Amazingly, 60% of dog owners admit that they have driven while distracted by their dog passengers. Being distracted by a pet is no different than being distracted by a phone or driving impaired, and your response time is much longer, and you’re far more likely to get into an accident.

Pets should have their own compartment within the vehicle, preferably the back seat, and should not interfere with the driver’s operation of the car. That includes stoplights. It may seem cute to have your dog trying to sit in your lap, but unfortunately, it’s not safe for them, you, or other drivers.

Properly Restrain Pets in the Car- Keeping Pets Safe

At Freeway Insurance, we know it’s fun when Fido wants to stick his head out the window and enjoy the breeze. The good news is that he can do that while being adequately restrained in a seatbelt harness in the back seat.

Not only does a proper restraint keep your dog or other pet safe, but it also keeps other passengers safer if there’s a collision. An unrestrained animal can careen into a person with several thousand pounds of energy, causing severe injury or even death.

An unrestrained dog is also more likely to get out, get lost, or get injured during an accident or pit stop. There’s no reason not to use proper pet restraints during your trip, and everyone will be safer and happier!

Plan Stops With Your Pet in Mind

If you’re taking a trip with your furry best friend, make sure that you’re timing the road trip in a way that meets their needs. Many drivers prefer to go as many hours as possible without stopping, but with a dog that simply isn’t safe.

Your dog will need frequent stops to use the restroom, move around, and release energy. You’ll also want to research pet-friendly hotels or stayover locations.

Many of our team at Freeway Insurance have and love dogs and other pets, and we know that a pet owner wants what’s best for their animal. When you plan your trip with them in mind, everyone has a lot more fun, and your pet will be safer, healthier, and happier.

Safe Travels With Your Pet!

Keeping your pet safe is as simple as securing them properly and staying focused on the road. You’ll also need to plan frequent stops, especially if you’re traveling with a high-energy dog.

If you’re looking for affordable car insurance for your road trips this year, Freeway Insurance can help you find quotes and compare auto insurance rates today!


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