Learn exactly how you can start archiving social media in real-time

archiving social media

By being tech-savvy and learning how to keep records of important conversations, you can avoid any legal issues or customer concerns in the future! Find out how to set up this program here.  

How to archive social media

If you’re new to the world of archiving social media, you might be wondering – how do I begin and how do I do it? Before you can begin you need to know that this process involves complicated detailed steps that must be followed before you can accurately capture and store information to be returned at a later date.

Since you are used to seeing social media pages just from a user’s perspective, now think about this – a social media feed is slightly complicated, as the posts are constantly updating, comments are being posted, and the newer posts are overtaking the older posts. With this constant feed that is updating in real-time, you can see how users will stay engaged and excited by the always-updated information on your feed.

To make sure that you can analyze and store the data that is being stored on your feed, you need to come up with the best method to read, store and securely hold data for longer periods. This is where your archive social media comes in – by being able to preserve this information you can ensure that you avoid any security or safety issues in the future. Click here to learn more about archive social media.

To avoid legal problems with your company that can arise from users or customer complaints that are shown in conversions that are untrue or unjustified, keeping your social media records safe and secure is key to showing backup and having proof to reference back on when it comes to important conversations. 

Capture the full context

The first step of learning who to archive social media is being able to use a web archive software that captures the context of what you’re trying to reference – since context matters when it comes back to referencing an important conversation between you and a customer, your archiving social media software needs to be able to include all of the detailed information. 

High-quality and tested by experts in the field 

The next step you need to take when it comes to using your archive software is the ability to test your social media and web archives so that you can ensure your online data can withstand the test of time, just because your data software is working well now to store your information you need to make sure that this software program can last the next 5 or 10 years! 

Easily navigable

The last aspect that you need to keep in mind when it comes to setting up your website archive software is being able to easily navigate the program and easily use this when it comes to being a beginner. You need archives that you can search and find the conversation within just minutes – by minimizing the time it takes to gather information, you can avoid any user errors in the future.


As you can see, learning the proper steps of what is needed when it comes to website archiving social media software is key to being able to reference back to an important conversation at a later date. By using website software that captures the full content of your data, is high-quality and tested by experts, and is easily navigable and usable, you can avoid any user errors that can harm your data store in the future.


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