Level Up Your Game: 6 Ways to Improve Gameplay with Today’s Technology


Longtime gamers would be the first to tell you of the enormous impact of technology on  the gaming industry. From the early days of arcade consoles and cartridge systems up to  modern-day high-powered gaming computers, technology has fueled the evolution of  gaming. Technology is constantly evolving, and every year there is a new development that  enhances the gaming experience.  

The importance of utilizing technology in modern gameplay cannot be overstated, as the  gamer’s experience changes drastically depending on the type of technology in use. Even  those who are playing the same game across different platforms will tell you that the  experience can differ drastically. With so many different forms of technology to choose  from, how does one go about using technology to enhance their gameplay? Follow the tips  below to see how. 

Technology and Online Gameplay 

In the early days of video gaming, it was almost unthinkable to suggest that one day we  would be connecting over something like the Internet to play with our friends online when  gaming was mostly relegated to solitary living rooms. Technology has come a long way  since then. Consider the following:

Cloud gaming and streaming 

Cloud gaming, or online gaming, has become an explosive industry since the advent of the  Internet. Almost from the start, people were playing games online as soon as they were able  to connect. It did not take long for services, such as online gaming communities and online casinos, to find their place in the gaming world. Some of the benefits of this type of gaming  include reduced hardware requirements, as most are accessible from an average  smartphone, but also allow for cross-platform gaming and accessibility.  

This is especially useful for those on a budget who may have invested heavily in a particular  gaming console, while a friend might have a gaming PC and another friend might have a  completely different system. There are, however, potential challenges, especially with online  casinos and gambling, about state laws and location-based legality. Online gambling is  illegal in some states but perfectly legal in others. 

High-performance hardware 

Powerful gaming PCs and consoles today are more powerful than the computing power that  NASA used to send spacecraft to the moon. Making use of high-end graphics cards and  powerful processors can make all the difference, depending on the game being played. 

Upgrading your hardware and processor might determine how successful you are in a  particular game that requires lightning-fast reflexes and offers stellar graphics. High refresh  rate monitors and low latency peripherals will give peak performance, as will overclocking  processors and employing custom cooling systems on custom-made gaming PCs. 

Online resources and communities 

In the early days of gaming, if you didn’t know where to go on the game map, you simply  explored until you figured it out. Or, if you were really lucky, you had a friend who had  already done it, or perhaps you had a subscription to Nintendo Power magazine with the  coveted world maps you could follow.  

Today, however, online access to tutorials, walk-throughs, and guides helps the newbie  gamer navigate through the complex digital world of many online games. Furthermore,  online communities and forums help gamers who have become stuck on a particular level with tips and tricks. Content creators with their own YouTube channels are often valuable  sources of knowledge as well.

In-game tools 

It’s amazing to think how many gamers do not avail themselves of the many tools that are  often available within the game itself. Some companies offer game-specific software that  allows you to track and analyze your gameplay, and it has become commonplace to allow  gamers to customize and build their worlds within the game with mods and add-ons.  

For team play, voice chat and other communication tools such as Discord allow for  coordination in games like Fortnite, and user-generated content keeps older games fresh  with new areas to explore and new challenges to meet. 

Virtual and augmented reality 

Any commentary on technology and gaming would not be complete without mentioning  VR and augmented reality. These technologies give gamers an immersive gaming  experience but have the unexpected role of enhancing situational awareness. As players of  Pokémon Go quickly discovered, using the augmented reality game on their phones  required them to be aware of their surroundings while also seeking out new areas to  explore within the gameplay. Virtual reality also offers the potential for training applications  and practice scenarios by making some training of otherwise boring job-related skills into  something of a gaming experience, such as those offered by the service Skillshare. 

Mobile gaming 

The first smartphones of the early 2000s were meant to be pocket computers that helped  with daily activities, but it did not take long for games to become a major part of mobile  computing. As with other technologies, mobile gaming can be a learning and practice tool,  as some of the first application-based games were meant for very young children to learn  early math and reading concepts, such as Monkey Preschool Lunchbox.  

However, as seen with games such as Pokémon Go, augmented reality in mobile gaming  has become a very popular aspect of enhancing mobile gameplay with technology. In-game  purchases and microtransactions created a multi-billion-dollar industry, allowing the user to  customize his experience in the gaming app. 


Gaming technology has certainly come a long way from its early days in the late 1970s,  giving way to the exponential technological development of gaming software and hardware  that we see today. It is an ever-evolving landscape of technology, but it also has the role of  encouraging gamers to embrace and adapt to emerging technological advancements. A  person is more likely to learn how to use virtual reality, for example, if it is in the form of a 

game. The future of gaming and technology integration is bright, as artificial intelligence  and blockchain technology begin to lend their usefulness to gaming in such a way as to  promote more immersive gameplay with better security.


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