Live Dealer vs. Online Blackjack: 6 Key Differences

Live Dealer vs. Online

Blackjack has a long history of being a popular casino table game, beginning as an entertaining option at land-based venues and making the leap to Online Cricket Betting ID sites as soon as the technology was in place.

Today, blackjack fans can play in a number of ways. Live dealer games are available in-person as well as courtesy of interactive video streams. Meanwhile there are purely digital interpretations of blackjack which do away with the flesh and blood dealer altogether.

Deciding which version of blackjack is right for you comes down to a combination of personal preferences and an understanding of the distinguishing factors of each type, so let’s discuss these differences in detail to help you make a choice.

Online games rely on algorithms over the randomness of the physical world

Casino sites offer all sorts of gaming experiences, from video poker to slot machines and beyond. These digital, software-based adaptations of traditional games of course rely on algorithms to replicate the randomness that would normally be achieved manually.

Of course the same rules apply in either case, so you can rely on useful blackjack tips and tricks to help you out regardless of your preferred way to play. It’s just worth recognizing that the shuffling done by a dealer or a physical machine is not identical to the algorithmic randomness of online table games.

Live dealer games offer the opportunity to socialize

It might be quick and convenient to have an algorithm handle the shuffling and dealing of cards online, but there’s nothing that can match live dealer games if you’re also looking to make a human connection.

Lots of players enjoy being able to interact with a dealer, as well as with other players at the table. This is a possibility both at bricks and mortar casinos, and when playing live dealer games via casino sites; it’s just that in the latter case, you’ll need to do your chatting via instant message.

Minimum bets vary

While there is no hard and fast rule about minimum betting requirements on either online or live dealer games, it’s worth pointing out that whenever a human croupier is involved, these tend to be higher on average.

The reason for this is obvious; dealers need to make a wage, and so casino operators up the minimum betting requirements to accommodate salaries. Meanwhile when the entire show is being orchestrated by software, there’s no croupier cost to cover.

If you are looking for a cheap way to play blackjack, an online-only version will lower the barrier to entry.

Speed is of the essence

With live dealer blackjack, the speed of play is dictated by the croupier, as well as by the rules imposed across the board by the operator. This gives you a limited window in which to make decisions, place bets and generally absorb the game.

For some players this will be ideal, and ensures that the pace is kept up. For others, it might not provide them with enough thinking time, in which case a purely software-based form of blackjack might be better.

In the case that you are playing only against the AI of the platform, you could have much longer to make choices. Likewise if you want to play a hand in a few seconds, then again the software-focused route is the way to go. In short, it puts you in the driving seat.

Availability isn’t guaranteed

In order for live dealer blackjack to operate, a human croupier has to be scheduled to act as the master of ceremonies. Some operators hire staff to handle this round the clock, while others have specific shifts and choose to close down live dealer games during certain points of the day when fewer players are active.

Meanwhile with online blackjack, there is never any downtime, whether you want to play on your lunch break or in the middle of the night.

Seating limits may apply

Last of all, the live dealer games at physical casinos as well as their online equivalents have a set number of seats which can be occupied at any one time.

This limit ensures that the dealer can do their job, but also creates a cap on how many players are eligible to place bets from moment to moment. Some sites do allow additional players to wager on hands of those at seats, but this is not universal.

Online blackjack games may remove this cap, or have their own seat limit imposed on the software to replicate the real experience. So it’s really a case of trying out both experiences and seeing which meets your needs.


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