What are the different types of LOL eSports Bets? Guide for League of Legends lovers


League of Legends or popularly known as LoL, has been one of the most-watched eSports online. In 2018, the tournament received over 90 million viewers. With such a hardcore number of viewers, the bets on best of best LoL teams were widely rising, and without a doubt, thousands of gamblers went offline with a big win. Do you watch League of Legends tournaments? If yes, then you can also be a part of a big win. That’s right! Using your insightfulness about LoL teams, you can anticipate their next move and gamble big. The concept of eSports gambling is rising like a wildfire. And because there are very limited viewers all over the world who are willing to take the risk, your chances of winning stand 50-50! Sounds thrilling, right? Today, we brought you a customized guide on Lol Esports Gambling. In this reading, you will find out the top 5 types of gambling or bets that run on LoL Esports live tournaments. Let’s get started: 

#1: Spread Bet 

To begin with, Spread Bet is a type of strategy that bettors apply when they do not simply want to put their money at risk on a final win or lose outcome. Gamblers all over the world also learn it as a handicap bet. In spread betting, the gamblers divide all league of legends teams into two categories: Favourites and Underdogs. Now, what happens is that two teams face each other in a league of legends game. A team that is “favourite” faces a wager of – 1.5, meaning they face a disadvantage because they are favorite and have all the support. On the other hand, the “underdogs” team faces an advantage of +1.5 upon the original score. 

Now, in the above explanation, “1.5” can be replaced by any number depending on the range of the tournament. The chances of one’s winning in Spread Bet remain higher if they bet on the underdog team because the “1.5+” will add to their final score. On the other hand, favorites face a disadvantage which rarely wins. Yet, it depends on the capacity of the team. 

#2: Map Bet

Now, this type of bet in the League of Legends tournament is rather interesting. While preferring this type of bet, gamblers have chances to switch teams if their first chosen team is getting a cold feat. In LoL eSports tournament, a map bet is a bet where gamblers bet on teams separately for each map. Let’s suppose there are two teams – Team A and Team B. Some gamblers bet that team A will win Map 1 or otherwise. 

If you prefer to place a map bet, please ensure that the team you bet on doesn’t prefer to ban the map from the map pool. Or, you will lose your money right away. 

#3: Totals Bet

Believe it or not, but total bet type is one of the simplest LoL bets you can practice. In this type of bet, the gambler anticipates, “how long will the match last?” For example, let’s suppose you, as a gambler bet money on the emancipated fact that the game will last over 2.5 rounds. As a result, if/when the game crosses 2.5 rounds without any team losing or winning, you will win the money. 

The thrilling part about this bet is that you are only required to predict what may happen in the game overall rather than predicting any team’s next move. 

#4: Future Bets

Well! If you think about it, all Lol bets are future bets. However, in actual League of Legends Future Betting, the gamblers are required to look at the wider picture and anticipate final outcomes. For example, gamblers risk money on teams that they anticipate winning the LOL championship before it even begins. Similarly, numerous future bets take place online, which you can check out on eSports. 

#5: Props Bets

In simple words, Props Bets are the opposite of future bets because, in Props bet, gamblers look at the micro picture. For example, they bet money on factors like which team will kill first or who will have the first 10 kills! The amazing part of props bets is that you can bet multiple times during a single tournament. You don’t have to wait for the entire match to be over to find out if you have won or lost. 

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