Luckiest Roulette Numbers: Boosting Gambling Luck 101

Roulette Numbers

We present you with the luckiest roulette numbers. Learn how to win more money by cominbing random numbers and analytics. Click for more.

Roulette Statistics, Analytics, And Numerology: The Luckiest Roulette Numbers

People have always been looking for a helping hand while Online Cricket Betting ID. Players’ desire to get an advantage over casinos is as old as gambling itself. That’s true even today when virtual casinos are predominant and most games work on random algorithm generators. Hence, people turn to analytics and statistics to get the upper hand and predict the outcome. 

In  Blackjack Casino games of skill, like poker or blackjack, using different tactics and betting strategies may affect your chances to win more in the long term. However, games like roulette genuinely depend on your luck. Because of its frequent association with Lady Luck, you’ll find roulette has the biggest number of superstitious players. Some go as far as claiming luckiest roulette numbers can help you win more games in the long run. As a result, we’ve decided to combine roulette’s statistics and numerology to find the best possible strategy. 

Is There Such Thing As Luck? Odds And Probabilities Explained

Roulette is a Cricket ID game that comes with pretty simple rules and straightforward gameplay. As such, it’s trendy among gambling novices. However, being simple as it is, this game isn’t everyone’s bread and butter. 

To become good at this game, one must gain a much deeper understanding of roulette’s odds and probabilities. Naturally, this doesn’t imply one becoming a math guru. However, those who realize the game’s inner mechanism will have greater chances of winning more games and money in the long term. 


In a roulette game, you can guess one number or a group of numbers. Furthermore, this choice also decides whether your reward will be lower or higher. The probability of choosing only one number from the table, and precisely this number being the winning one, is equal to 2.63%. 

If you bet on two joined numbers, the odds are 7.89% that the bet will be successful. If we talk about a group of numbers, the chances are as follows:

  • 1-12: 31.58%
  • 13-24: 31.58%
  • 25-36: 31.58%.

The larger the group of numbers, the greater the chances of winning. On the other hand, reckon that the reward, in this case, is significantly lower. Understanding the game’s probabilities may increase your winning odds and help you pursue the luckiest roulette numbers. 


Contrary to winning probabilities, odds are expressed in numbers rather than percentages. You can get this number by dividing the number of ways to win by the number of losing ways. Hence, the odds for winning straight up 19 Black would be expressed as 1:36. Simply put, there’s only one number, 19, contrary to the other 36 numbers that’ll result in loss. 

As with winning/losing probabilities, the more numbers you pick, the greater the odds of getting the winning combination.

Luckiest Numbers In Roulette

Throughout history, people have attached a particular importance to numbers. Various theories and sciences have emerged from this. Gambling is known to attract superstitious people. Therefore, numerology has always had a special significance in the casino experience of each individual. Different cultural stereotypes surround roulette as all other casino features. 

It’s already known that gambling is a global phenomenon. Therefore, almost every culture has brought its own beliefs, convictions, or customs to the casino. As a result, players have adopted different stereotypes. One of such is believing some numbers are more prone to repeat themselves during roulette sessions than others. Let’s take a closer look at them. 

Number 7 

There are many beliefs that this number brings people good luck. As such, seven is considered among the luckiest roulette numbers. In fact, 25% of punters are more likely to pick this number in a single roulette session rather than any other, believing this number hits the most in roulette. 

Number 7 is omnipresent in our daily lives. The value of this number exceeds the limits of the casino. You will find people worldwide who believe that 7 brings them happiness in all aspects of life.

Number 8  

According to Chinese beliefs, number 8 brings prosperity and wealth. What further reinforces this theory is that they pronounce eight similar to “Fa.” The meaning of this word is “make a fortune.” Moreover, there are different phrases and expressions in the Chinese language associated with the number 8. For instance, one of such expressions means “wealth coming in from all corners of the world.” As a result, many Chinese associate number 8 with financial prosperity and success. 

Number 27

Some people combine different superstitions into one. Thus, creating a perfect lucky charm. That said, 27 is known as the number that was drawn the most times in the Irish lottery. So far, people have seen this number drawn 102 times. Most people include 27 into the array of Irish hot numbers alongside 47, 42, 10, and 29. 

Besides this, “two” is seen as representing harmony and balance. Moreover, many Chinese believe all good things come in pairs. As a result, people prefer 27 for obvious reasons as it combines two lucky numbers. Considering all of the above, one can conclude numbers 2, 7, and 27 are among the luckiest roulette numbers. 

The Best Use Of Numerology In Roulette

As we already know, it is impossible to predict outcomes in roulette. Presumably, if the casino is fair and trustworthy. However, there are stories and records about people who went from rags to riches following their superstitious beliefs. We can not confirm whether such stories are truly genuine; However, we believe that mixing math and numerology can produce better results. 

However, in order to make it work, it is essential to pick the right casino. Only in fair and secure gambling conditions will you be able to use the numerologies’ full potential. Hence, if you’re new in the casino world, you can rely on various resources that can help you pick the perfect gambling environment. That said, sources like can help you keep an ear on the ground. 

Moreover, you can find different roulette strategies and betting systems you can use to sway chances in your favor. Maybe there you can find your future luckiest number when playing roulette. Ultimately, such resources can help you always have an ace up in your sleeve. 



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