Macs 101: Apple Computer Tips for Newbies

apple computer

You can’t go anywhere without hearing about the newest Apple product, or you may even be waiting for the newest iPhone or iPad. Apple is constantly growing its product line and improving the ones already out. This includes the Mac.

When you finally purchase your brand new Mac, you may be searching the internet for computer tips and ways to learn how to care for your new computer. It can be an adjustment switching from PC to Mac, but once you get the hang of it, you will never go back. Keep reading to learn some computer tips and tricks for you to try out on your new Mac!

Use Your Apple ID

If you are already an avid Apple user, then you already know all about the Apple ID. Some people will think to create a new ID because it is a Mac, which seems in a different family than the iPhone and iPad.

If you are transferring from one Mac to another, then this is a great way to maintain the look that you love. This also means you can trade in your old Mac at places like

By using the same Apple ID, all your devices will be able to communicate with one another. This will mean all your notes and photos will be able to be found on either device. Writers and photographers will benefit the most from this feature because you will be able to access your photo and documents from anywhere!

Purchase Apple Care

So many people are wary of purchasing extra protection for their computers because they are confident nothing will happen. As much as you want to believe your computer will be in pristine condition for as long as you have it, accidents do happen.

Apple Care is an extra layer of protection that will keep you worry-free when using your computer. It is an inexpensive investment that will help you have peace of mind.

Utilize Hot Corners

This is one of the more fun mac tips because it is something unique to Macs. When setting up your screen saver, you will see the option to use hot corners. This is a fun way to customize your Mac.

They are perfect for your quick actions that make using basic computer skills even easier. Some options you can use for hot corners are starting your screen saver, opening mission control, or even locking your Mac.

Learn Keychain Access

Have you ever been somewhere and know you put in the WiFi password, but can’t seem to remember what it is? The best part of having a Mac is using the keychain feature. (

This feature allows you to access all passwords you have ever put into your computer. This includes WiFi and websites. All the passwords are encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about any security issues.

Need More Computer Tips?

You now have some basic tips on using your Mac for the first time, as well as some cool features that come with it. There are more Apple computer tips that you can find as well as computer security tips that will make it so much easier to use your new Mac!

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