Mobile Push Notifications: A Great Way to Grow Your E-commerce Store?


There is a lot of buzz around mobile push notifications. Some marketers claim that pushes are a powerful tool for online shops. According to the statistics on MoEngage, mobile push notifications can increase engagement rates up to 10 times. 

More importantly, e-commerce businesses that use push notifications as a part of their mobile marketing strategy enjoy 50% higher open rates and 30% higher conversion rates. 

It can result in a nice boost in sales. So, are mobile push notifications a great way to grow your e-commerce store? Yes! If you use them right, they can boost your engagement and conversion rates. They can increase loyalty, help with cart abandonment, and increase your sales.

Let’s explore further how you can use mobile pushes to grow your online shop. 

Use Mobile Push Notifications to Decrease Cart Abandonment

For online eCommerce, abandoned shopping carts are a common hurdle. Customers put loads of items in their shopping carts but often skip the last step. That’s where you lose sales and revenue. Mobile push notifications can be a great solution to this.

When customers abandon their shopping carts, mobile pushes work as a nudge to incentivize them to complete their purchases. However, bombarding clients with too much information might become annoying. Thus, it may cause them to opt out of alerts. So, use pushes wisely.

Here are some tips.


After they abandon their cart, give customers a few hours to think before sending them a reminder.


Mentioning their name and list the products they’ve left in their shopping cart. This way, your push message will be more personalized.


Offer perks such as price cuts or free delivery. It may knock them off the fence.

Implement Push Notifications to Boost Engagement 

To maximize the impact of your push notifications, you must fine-tune them to drive more engagement. Let’s explore some of these strategies: 

Go Personal 

Adding personal touches to your push alerts is important. You can add placeholder tags to your notifications for customer’s first names. Using their online browsing habits and past buying history can also add impact to your notif. This basic personalization will improve your open and click-through rates (CTR). 

Create a Sense of Urgency

Give urgency and scarcity to your notifications. For example, add phrases like “limited time deal” or “limited slots left.” These phrases or messages can motivate people to act.

Keep it Brief

Sweet and short go hand-in-hand here. If your sentences are too long, they may overwhelm customers. You can use tables, charts, and bullet points to convey information.

Add Emojis and Visuals

Emojis give personality to your notifications. To accentuate promos and advertisements, include visuals like pictures and videos. Adding these elements to your notifications can help it stand out and grab customers’ attention.  

Supercharge your push alerts by:

  • creating a sense of urgency 
  • adding a dash of personality with emojis and visuals. 

Push notifications may increase engagement and revenue by incorporating these strategies. 

Increase Your Sales with Mobile Push Notifications 

Mobile push notifications benefit your business beyond engagement and reduce cart abandonment.  A mobile push notification is also a potent tool you have at hand to boost your e-commerce stores’ sales and revenue. 

How does this work? Simply put, pushes are targeted mobile messages. These messages directly influence customer behavior, such as encouraging customer purchases. 

Here are some strategies for using mobile push notifications to increase sales:

Exclusive Deals

Deliver enticing offers and unique promotions through push notifications. This can make people think about exploring purchases they might have overlooked.

Coupon Codes

Empower customers with discounts through push notifications. A coupon code can be a compelling incentive to shop from your store.

Price Adjustments

When running sales or reducing prices on specific products, inform customers via push notifications. This alerts them to the opportunity and encourages timely purchases.

Creating Urgency with FOMO Tactic

Leverage tactics like creating a sense of urgency, such as the fear of missing out (FOMO). This compels customers to act promptly before a sale or promotion concludes.

Holiday and Festive Deals

Use push notifications with exclusive offers during holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s, or Black Friday. This entices customers to make purchases and bolsters your revenue.


Expand sales by suggesting complementary products or accessories to customers already purchased. Mobile push notifications can enhance transaction value and overall sales.

Personalized Recommendations 

Through mobile push notifications, leverage customer data and behavior analysis to suggest tailored products. Personalized interaction increases the chance of customers making buying decisions.

With these strategies in place, mobile push notifications can help drive sales and increase customer involvement during important dates.

Boost Your Customers’ Loyalty 

It involves sending personalized messages that keep e-commerce customers interested and coming back.

Here’s how you make customer loyalty through push notifications possible:

Price-drop Alerts or Exclusive Discounts

You’d be surprised to hear this, but customers like hearing from you. Sending out price drop alerts or exclusive promos to those who’ve recently checked out their carts can make them feel special. This, in turn, builds brand loyalty and encourages more customer purchases. 

Recommend Products Based on App Activity

Picture this. You’ve just made an online order for your go-to makeup brand. Right after, a message pops up on your mobile saying, “You might also like.” 

These suggestions are tailored to your preferences, aiming to boost your order’s total value. The next time you hop on the online app, you’ll spot these recommendations again. 


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